Burnt Stew

The more I open my eyes to what human beings are capable of the farther I can see. What was taken from me in adolescence is something monster’s prey on to satisfy their sick  twisted beliefs. What a young mind is capable of will distort itself into epic proportions stunting all those around them for as far as their eyes can see.

Growing up when I did there were no cell phones and barely the internet. The WWW was something that was just occurring, in fact only business and schools had these computers that were supposed to make our lives grand. We grew up in the era of dial up connections so the internet was more than a hindrance then the tool it is now. I mean the noise and how long it would take to connect, there was none of this sneaking out to meet an undesirable fate.

I watch true crime to try and understand what true monsters are capable of. How violent they become to obtain their wanton ways and how they can make an angel just disappear from this Earth. With no possibility of ever returning home their fates are sealed. What some are capable of doing when others eyes are closed are the biggest disgrace here on Earth. They can’t be referred to as human. A true celestial bring would never behave in such a way. What we are forced to believe when we open our eyes is that evil is rampant and it is wearing a disguise but it’s truly not. Evil is alive in our family and friends. Nothing is more apparent then how they carry themselves in the end. Have they lived a life most honourable or were they nothing more than a nuisance in this timeline waiting for their time to be over and to finally have met their own demise.

When a grown man can lay hands on a woman or a child then we know that they are capable of much worse. Why over exert your animal machismo unless you get off in acting out in that way. Some beings can’t help but over exert their power. I wish I could say that the entities were mostly male but even a female being can be most deranged. They can take an innocent relationship and dose it in gasoline and set it on fire when it no longer suits them. The beings that loved them most now can’t wait for them to be gone, who wants to marinade in what their next of kin is capable of instead of glorying in the life that they got to be. Some people’s children cause some to go insane. Constantly questioning where did I go wrong and did I truly end up losing this round and therefore the game?

Life was meant to be easier until we made it out in such a way that we had to compete. Waste your time away trying to be better than the next in line instead of trying to help each other get out maybe a little bit ahead. Nobody wants to hear where they went wrong or that in fact they might not be right. That they wasted their lives doing nothing at all, just robbing Peter to pay Paul. Taking advantage of innocent beings robbing them of their happiness and futures in one bold swoop There are those that are good for the masses in their existence and then there are those that are always out for #1. I still cringe when I hear the whispers said about others I once respected until I was forced to hear the reciprocated whispers instead. Nobody can be trusted in this day in age with loyalty among thieves being the most extravagant of all. I am always mindful of the company individuals keeps as I am very aware that the apple will never fall far from the tree.

There is no way in actually believing that one person behaves a certain way because of the behaviour of another…unless of course one being was evil and the other being was out for the greater good. I love when the lies being told about me hit my ears as it gives me an excuse to sever all ties with those obnoxious types of beings. You will never get ahead treating others in such a way. Where does one get off telling their “truths” when another being doesn’t even get a chance to have their say. I see fake beings and they spin on empty wheels only getting as far ahead in life as deemed adequately necessary and no more.

A tisket a tasket what is in your empty basket? Room for all the non believers and soulless monsters to come out and have a round. To have to be exposed in such a way for no apparent just makes me tilt my head to the Heavens and shrug and say obviously not today. The ones who hurt me most I used to call family now I just run in a circle taking care of my own pack. There are no room for second chances when all you find yourself surrounded by is foes. Who needs to take on that uncalculated risk when we already know the results that we can at best hope for. That people in public places will act cordial in front of strangers instead of sneering a row full of sharks teeth. I wish. There are those that are just chomping at the bit “to put you in your place” and to them I giggle I school girl giggle and say “I welcome you to try your best.” See I have never waivered in who I wanted to be. I portrayal of what I thought it meant to be female in my Grandmother’s best image that is all. What some see as a “slut” I see I woman who is VERY in control of herself. So much so I chose to fire my shots artistically instead of lying to any open ear. What do you do at the end of the night when all you have left is you? Are you happy with the outcome of previous events or do you keep sobbing over burnt stew?

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