There are some people who just like to take up residency under our skin and begin living there. With not even a wayward thought to whether or not we can handle their obsessive need to be highly irritant we get used to the itch and let them hang around for another day. What we should have done was run with our tail between our legs but leave it to be human to crave being socially accepted above it all. Even if the one with their hands outstretched is a deviant tyrant we still want them to love us. We will do anything and become anybody just to hear those words we have always longed to hear being said.

What we allow some to get away with because of who we believe them to be is atrocious. I think about the man who can extinguish the light of his innocent children and the only thing I can think about to explain it all away is that he is deranged. That for one split second he realizes the evil that courses through his veins and he wonders if it has passed on to his next of kin. For a split second the true evil that has been brought to life in him takes over and carries out his evil deed. I know that is not what was running through his mind but in mine that is what I hope that his possible last thoughts were. Not that he was doing in his family so he could get his rocks off. I can’t fathom the idea that there are entities that walk the Earth behaving in such a way but they are here and their filth oozes from every pore.

What keeps a bright, sparkling soul tied down to an entity that will do anything to watch them fail. Kick rocks at them when they have fallen instead of offering out a helping hand. Kick rocks and blow bubbles am I right? Keep kicking further down the alley until you are out of sight and find yourself far out of my way but the problem when they are finally seemingly nowhere they have potential to hurt another innocent and I can’t live with myself if they had their way. “I will sue you for slander” is my favourite saying. If the shoe fits, wear it or become somebody more honourable wouldn’t you say.

I live in a world where 7 underage kids can swarm one innocent bystander and make it so he will never see or be with his family ever again. His crime being the colour of his skin, well that is the only thing that is obvious to you and me. They took away a life and made it so he would never return home and wouldn’t you know it each one of them made it to their dinner table on time. Isn’t that the biggest disgrace in this timeline that you have ever seen? An innocent life snuffed out to early with nobody in the general vicinity to pay with their sins for this atrocious crime. In what lifetime do they monsters get to be released on bail? In fact here is the story complete with the link There will be a grave injustice done if the assailants and their families don’t pay the ultimate price. The truth will set us ALL free so just release their names. They were man enough to end an innocent life so they should be man enough to get handed down the sentence and pay the ultimate price. With their life. They need to be locked up and thrown away they key. There is no excuses for that kind of behaviour so let’s hang them up in public by every tree!! We can’t allow each other to continue treating each other this way. Something needs to be done to stand up against this grave injustice but nothing will be done because of this insane ideology that there is this idea of human rights. There are no rights for 90% of this population. The higher ups that be have ensured of this and taken them all away.

I wish I could say this was a one off but in the absence of a punishment another teen thought he could have his way. He stabbed a school mate in the school library because eh why not? Here is yet another link

Student in hospital, another teen arrested after stabbing at Falun, Alberta school

There used to be a time when you could have a childhood agreement and it NEVER meant that it would end with taking of a life. Sure accidents will happen but MURDER? Uhm no way! I saw some pretty vicious beating in my day but it was always with fists. Flash forward to now. Now if somebody doesn’t like you, you better not leave the house. Even in your own house you aren’t protected just remember and believe that ALL DAY. Remember that one time when my roommate tried to gut me like a fish. I can’t move past the hate and furry in her eyes no matter how she tries to repair that bridge things between us will never be the same. Sure I can visit but I could never stay the night. In the back of my mind I believe you want to finish what you started and I will never get those thoughts out of my head and away.

Aren’t some people gross and the things that they can do? The way that they can overly justify their behaviour even though they are out of their minds and deranged. We have to stop giving people immediate access to us like they deserve it. Did they earn it in some way?? Did they go over and beyond the traditional conventional means or did they just waste away there on the sidelines using their anger as the be all and and end all to have it their way as it seems? Those who are overly aggressively in their mannerisms should serve as an immediate red light. Give to much room for them to wiggle out from underneath and you just might find yourself ending up slain.

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