Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Be all that you were born to be before it is too late. Don’t mind what others are saying about you in time what is being said will become just the faintest of whispers. It shouldn’t matter as much who is kind to you as long as you are being kind to yourself. You can make a mountain out of a molehill or you can turn it into a strawberry field for all to feed. You will never know who you will become until you can step outside of the shadows and finally live free.

One Day

To live life a little differently and to always be honest and speak your truth. I am not scared of what can be done to me but more what I am capable of and I will surround me with the strongest until my voice is heard. I keep trying and throwing all the sh*t hoping that one day something will eventually stick. And some times something does in an indirect way but more often than not it is saved up for another day. One day will come where this will all be forgotten and I will be taken away. Have I done all that I have set out to do or in life will I always be determined to remain calm and simply find another way.

The Bright Nights Star

I have always tried to be a little bit different and little bit crazy and of course just a little bit out there. If we¬† only get this one chance what is stopping you from giving it all you got? You can reach out to me and I would more than love to reach back if I just know that you are out there hustling too. Dreaming that you can make a difference just by having your thoughts and sharing some of them one day. It’s true that all it takes is one to make the world change so now I am wondering what is stopping the Universe from allowing it to be you. To be the star that shots across the sky at every night. Just a rare chance of being noticed before you face once again out of sight.

Owning Oneself

Why did you disrupt the timeline in the manner that you did then ran away before even paying the price? There is always a price to pay didn’t you know? So I paid it and I will have no qualms about choosing to do so again. I know who I am and what a breathe for. There is no entity of being out their that can ever sway me or make me lose all control. Well never to that extent again and not in the way they need me to be. I think I have evolved more as a person to continue believing all that.

My Last Will and Testament

Once a file is reported it stays there for life. The only time somebody can be called to testify is if they are deep inside a grave. What if something else is coming up that they are about to go down for and I can be called to attest to their character by any event. I need to know who this employee was, what connections they have and where did they send my information? “Don’t worry ma’am.” I am worried ma’am because the rise in violence is going through the roof. If all you need me to do today is go to some website then at the very least can you remember my name. My name is Amy Berukoff and I called you today. I have a family, The Donaldson’s and I just need you to know our names. If something happens to us and you just let us slip on bye. I need you to know you were our first point of contact and now it is our time to go.

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life or is it impending doom? We keep carrying our garbage like it is going to just disappear. Sooner or later we are going to fall through this gas filled planet once we remove all the land mass. Garbage floats right? I think I have heard this talk about space garbage. Just because there is no limits to the galaxy that is so infinite doesn’t mean we have to be so hell bent on destroying it!!

Some Like it Hot

Everything has a price including ones own sanity. The constant doubt and worry of failure nipping at your heels and feeding on your soul. If it weren’t for good people I would have nothing left. There are a few who make this existing more than tolerable and to them I would give my last breath. They bring a smile to my face and make my heart beat out of my chest. I burst with pride in just knowing they exist and I am so thankful they include me along on the ride.

Deep Inside

If enough of us would rise in our truth instead of slandering each other’s names maybe a war of this magnitude would never happen. If there wasn’t that desire to own, obtain and get ahead then millions of innocent women and children would not be knocking at an early grave. There is no rhyme or reason when an evil begins to rein on this Earth. It will take more than one or two of us to stop the wrath of such an evil human being. If the truth will set us free why don’t more of us look for the answers. Maybe the only truth we seek has been stuffed down deep our throats.

Let’s Go!!

At the end of the day I don’t hate myself. I now find myself very interesting. Who needs to be everybody’s cup of tea when you can be a fine, divine wine instead. The only person I ever needed to change for was myself and now that I am here I can’t imagine being anybody else.

Dying to Fit In

So I let them rob me of my smile. Like the executioner’s they were they eagerly lead me to their noose. They wanted me to hang for all to see and not be my friend like they have always exclaimed. The truth will set you free and therefore so I will. I have had no shame in my game when it comes to how other people treat me with their filth. I don’t need to be sorry for the woman that is me. I live in the women that graced this land before me so why should I be ashamed for embracing all that is me. I am in control of my existence in this space and time and I can’t wait to reap all the rewards and benefits that are mine.