Going To War

Is this the definition of insanity? The world keeps asking for forgiveness with those at the top of line never giving back. Never paying their respects and thanks to the life that they had before as they consume all of our natural resources and teach our children how to misbehave. With all the combined power in the world they can trump this war. They can stop this evil entity right in its tracks. Yet they let us common people to feed our own while they keep on consuming their high end retail products at an alarming rate.

Why am I mad? I am mad because a convoy of goods en route to the Ukraine was hijacked. A convoy of goods brought together by humans that very well could be struggling here financially on home soil. Everything we do we are faced with the choice can we help an ailing country our do my children need this more. Why are we the ones forced to decide if we put dinner on our tables tonight or do we donate what we have to feed the alienated and those that are displaced from the war? I think about the Queen and her decision to indulge in millions of dollars of renovations instead of doing the right thing and helping out the people that made it so she never had to worry about her family again. What is the monarchy’s biggest worry? A gingered grandson running a muck on US soil. Once again these people are PAID to protect the common people put they will do anything in their power not to even the score.

When I consider how my life is in shambles and how hard it would be for me to help out in any way. I am not working just maintaining a home and family what are the superstars of the world doing during this war. They have enough residual income to feed the displaced a million years over but in doing so they might not be able to afford a Super Yacht. When push comes to shove we can see that most everybody is for #1 only those who have struggled once before in their life knows what happens when it all begins. Imagine a life where a dictator wants to end you all because he needs to have a little more land mass to control. Who cares about the people, homes and families that have always resided here, let’s bomb their cities into smithereens. People are dying and all over the world we are taking a back seat. There is no way that this should have happened to this extreme, up to and including a bullet in between the eyes. A terrorist is a terrorist no matter the soil he resides on. He wants to eliminate those that are for the common good. For as long as I can remember there has been evil running rampant here on Earth.

Why do we have to be the ones to always sacrifice when it comes to a whole bunch of individuals who can’t play nice? Having zero regard to life and the humans that graced this Earth before them it is hard to blindly follow these soulless creatures into the night. What good have they done after all the promises that they have made. What some regard as human strength and kindness they look at you for being weak. For the leave no man behind you they want to gas you in chambers while they watch. What real man could put a bullet in the head of an innocent man while their women and children watched. An eye for an eye right? Then let’s begin. Remember. We will always have the numbers. The elite are wrong in thinking that everybody wants to get paid. Eventually the time will come when we get sick of the lies and we will rise up against the powers that have us hating each other. We are in constant competition with who can acquire more. Go and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is the purpose of your life and can you do more. That is what I do. That is what I have always tried to do. The moment that I went into the light I came back a way different woman.

I have a zero tolerance for bullsh*t. Go ahead and try it out. I don’t allow anybody to walk all over me, well except one and the reason why he is in my life I am still trying to figure out. He gets the exception to the zero tolerance rule. No identifiers on his identity. If you have been following along there is a chance you should no. So as I lay in that hospital bed wondering why my life was spared I had a lot of clarity in my mind. There were those cringe worthy friends in my wake that I wasn’t too sure what to do about. Luckily for me the closer I came to finding my true self the more irritated they became. That was fate intervening to let me know that I was on the right track. So as those friends began to take flight and get lost in the wind there was moments that their true colors blazed across this great sky. I remembered a conversation I had with a physic who said my angels were tired of warning of the evil. I guess that is how I find myself in a house full of animals. They appease my need to feel like a belong.

As sick as this is and how heart breaking it sounds you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to look out for you and yours. As awful as what is happening in this world the higher ups and make it end. They have enough money among 3 of them then the rest of us left on this planet and combined. Ask yourself why are you going to keep on breaking your back for those that would never give a thought about you. I know who was there for me do you?

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