He Hit My Son

I watched it all happen. It was like watchig in slow motion when I watched this 16 year old boy grab onto my son’s hoodie. His closed fist and grabbed onto the side of my son’s head as he lifted his other fist to drive him in the head. By the grace of good he realized his mistake and let go of my son as my son ran away to cry. It was obvious he was in the wrong as his coward personna began to over take him. I looked him dead in the eye and said I saw EXACTLY what you had done. His dad coming immediately to his defense but inside me I just raged.

For months my son has been too scared of the outside world now teenagers threaten to take it all away? What were you doing playing tag like that in a 2 to 12 year old park. All my son wanted to do was join in and play. He saw 3 boys running around playing tag and your son just wanted him to go away. He didn’t want my son around him so he put the fear of God in my boy instead. Lucky for me my husband was there as my boy ran into his hands. I wanted to smack that smug look off of your Dad for trying to tell you hitting a 4 year old was OK. It’s parents like him who will bully and berate anybody who is different and in this split second it was more than I could take.

Your reaction to hitting a small boy wasn’t normal as your Dad tried to laugh it all away. You had an opportunity to show my boy you were really sorry but you just laughed as my husband carried my boy away. He never wants to go to the park again and probably will never go outside. You jerked his head back so fast that his neck was bruised and he was complaining about it being sore and having pain. I saw EVERYTHING! I saw your fingers curling into the hair on his head. I tried to justify what you did but I can’t because it is what happened in the after math that it all begins to set in.

Your Dad’s smirk as he justified his son hitting a 4 year old reminds me of every “he said she said” case that I have ever been forced to listen to. I know what I saw because I ALWAYS had eyes on my son. I was worried about your boys knocking him over as you run a much all over the toddler’s playground. My heart is more than broken now because I know I can never protect my son. The evil is running rampant all around us and it starts with not being accountable for all the things that have been done.

The fear in my son’s eyes as he felt your sons first grab and locked eyes at that impending fist. You were the biggest of all the boys and at first my son looked up to you. I know you knew he was there as I watched ALL of you rush around him almost knocking him down. Why do you think I was anxiously watching with gawk eyes as I was worried for a moment like this. Your boys were all rude and obnoxious as they took over the park. What am I thinking anyways you were right in the middle encouraging them to play. You even had the nerve to roll your eyes at us as we were forced to walk away. No remorse for scaring the life of a 4 year old was ever given. All the work we done to get him inside your inconsiderate brood took away in one full swoop.

Thinking back on that “Welcome to Sheep River Park sign A Place for All” I want to scream! My son lost his sense of freedom there when all I wanted was a chance for him to play. To enjoy the fresh air and be a boy for a short time. I was so happy for this opportunity because being inside I was losing my mind. But now. My heart is just a mess. Where I was hoping for a great family outing my son has been pushed back a few years. How can I stop being angry or hear their snickering in my head? Mixed in with those sounds is my son’s cries that he never wants to go outside.

I just keep seeing the teens Dad and his maniacal smile. At least that is the way I picture him trying to excuse away terrifying a small child. Was it your intention to harm and that is why you are sorry you were caught? You didn’t expect anybody to answer then you looked up and saw me. I looked you dead in the eye and said that was kinda violent don’t you think. As I walked towards you again your Dad just laughed. Let me tell you something you should not do and that is turn and hit a small child. You are in a PUBLIC place for all to play. IN FACT the ages were from 2 to 12 so why is it my 4 year old is the one to be chased away?

Moments like these cement our place in the world. They remind us what it means to be human and that there is nothing out there like a Mother’s love. I needed the reminder how much he needs me but I wish it never had to happen like this. You never know how far your heart can sink until another being is the reason why your heart cries. Watching him while he sleeps he is my angel here on Earth. I need to protect him and love him for as long as I can and always remind him of how much he is worth.

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  1. You should get a taser 😎


    1. I would’ve pulled his Dad’s hair but he was bald and what example would that be?


      1. You’re right 🀣 I have a 8 month old and am still learning to moderate my pre-parent instincts. Thanks for sharing this and for the reminder to be better πŸ˜„


      2. As long as we try ❀❀


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