To Each Their Own

Tired of being the last one invited to parties or worse yet picked on by the majority of the crowd. I just saw a young girl got tormented by bullies in Vancouver to the extent that they even made her kiss her shoes (here’s the link

Now I need to know. Did I manifest this into being when I started remembering the haunting images from my past? Didn’t I ask what it would be like in today’s modern times and there are my answers to that question loud and clear. How horrifying would this be to have your child stomped on while the WHOLE school looked on. Ya. This is why I would rather stand around than in a sea of an obnoxious herd. I couldn’t imagine that feeling as you looked up and thought to yourself surely one of these kids would help. I would help them if the roles were reversed so why aren’t they helping me? Bullies like this need to be put on blast regardless of age and those who put them on pedestals should be put on notice too. Let me tell you what happens to the bullies of your times, they will pass on this serious misfortune through their seeds.

When a being is cursed to believe that becoming unglued on another is entirely ok we are on the borderline of exclusive thinking that will rot and erode even the smartest brain. To believe that violence is the answer and to humilate another in front of the herd retribution needs to be done. The attacker needs to be sent away to juvenile detention for the rest of their high school career. Nip their violence in the bud and put them where they belong. Their parents let them behave this way, can you imagine what they are like when they are at home. Probably worse. Do I welfare check on the parents if they think that this is ok. Somewhere in that family is a connection that says it is ok to act so depraived.

This behaviour will escalate and come out in a war. What happens to those that think they have no voices they come back for retaliation at some point. There is no way that this grotesque behaviour stops at just one. Ever pick the wrong scab open on your leg and you are met with a bright, red warm stream of gushing blood? Ya this is the start of a high school massacre so you better lock up the abuse and throw away the key. Do we need another Reena Virk on our hands just to make it so? ( If you think that these monsters can be rebilitated I am going to make you believe that you are mistaken. Kelly got excused on probation because of her age. I am not kidding you when I tell you she ATTACKED another woman while out on parole! ( call it what you will but I worked right down the street. When forced with another violent admission you are going to try everything you can to defeat it. Did I mention that my friend lived in the apartments across the street but I digress.

Alright I have to show you because I was looking up facts and look what I came across!! ( More charges of violence and this at the expense of her children. What a complete waste of life when you consider everything she had taken. Three decades of violence that oddly never continued to escalate. The first indication that she showed that she had violent tendencies for no reason we should have taken away her rights. To stomp on a 14 year and never truly show remorse…how many innocent children need to pay the price to belong to such an archaic school system. Government runned of course. When are we going to learn that the people who we pay to protect us don’t really give a damn about us anymore? I am sorry to rage but I am more than upset. I just talked about this BS and now look at it. Right slab dab in the middle of the face. Now can we see and begin to understand that maybe as humans we will always fail in such a way?

Yes we need to look out for number one but not at the expense of another. Never at the expense of another. You would never speak down against somebody when you can see that what they are speaking of is the truth. Their raw innocence becomes to much for some souls to bare so they resort to violence in the most archaic of ways. To have no reason to hate on one another other than plain old jealousy has been a story as old as time. We all learned about Shakespearean plays that spoke volumes to these facts that would confirm that most humans would kill form fame, fortune and matters of the heart. Stories exist for a reason because it happened to somebody else who lived to tell the tale. Maybe they didn’t live but somebody in their community did and then the story keeps evolving as it would over all these years. What humans are capable of and will always excuse and justify away is great levels of violence. Our children are being hunted and we just take a seat and say to each their own. Nobody wants to get involved anymore and that is a sick fact. Unless of course you have no choice then you will take your last breath fighting off evil.

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