Isn’t It Ironic?

The irony will never be lost on me, well as long as I am living and up until I take my last breath. I have no fear when I stare into the eyes of those who try to spew off their lies making every waking moment about them as far as the eye can see. During the morning news my attention was caught when they spoke to the rise of hate crimes in our streets. Funny isn’t it? The same groups that are brought in in mass proportions have no chance of survival so they have to resort to crime. You can’t fault the system that has been put into place to watch the average white man fall. The problem with the depths of perception is that we have become to mislead and we will always rob Peter to pay Paul then blame the general public for all that.

An innocent bystander was shot near the streets of where she used to live. I love that they were so brazen to say that the incident wasn’t gang related but listen to this sweetheart, no mom of 5 gets shot on her way home k? We are not supposed to live this realm of reality because some other being deems it so. There are so many entities that are content on snuffing out there whole family and I am sorry for being so brazen but how is that even fair. A child from a happy family for no reason of their own gets stricken with cancer and all the surviving witnesses are left to pay the ultimate price. The child in question is no longer suffering but now you need to ask yourself what was the point of that short stay here on Earth. Where some get to lead these over zealous lives that will feed and prey on their own others will never know the warm peace of the sun or shores. For whatever reason their lives were met with burden and pain where those we are able to do something chose to do nothing instead. Our biggest saviour here on Earth is being hunted and it is all because he puts the needs of the common people before the needs of himself. Do you feel the familarity in the words I am trying to say. War will ravage countries and spill much blood taking the holiest of mans down as the example. His sacrifice becomes the rememberance of what happens when too much greed comes into power. Do you remember what happens if we continue to allow it instead of resisting up to combat it. There is safety in numbers I promise you. Imagine what will happen if we all began to push back. Demand a different type of existence that we should have held on steadfast to make it so instead of rolling over to get our bellies full after every time we are fed.

I feel that we have been warned about what is about to happen if we allow it to. We put some of the greatest cowards into a position to decide on the future of all of us and that includes our children. Don’t forget these are the so called men who built this place by stealing it from another race. What kind of man deems the inhabitants not worthy enough to live in a place that they have lived on their whole lives? Doesn’t that seem mean? Close your eyes and imagine Russian soldiers hitting our land and telling us to get the F out. We don’t care where we go from here just move yourself along as the rape our women and children. Sure, Sure maybe it could never happen but it happens in other parts of the world do we really think we are lucky enough that it will never happen to us? Humans have proved they are getting into orbit so I have a hard time they can’t traverse the Earth. Of course they can and if they do? There will be no more free living for me or even. We think we have it so bad but do we really know what that means? How connected are you to everything that has a pulse and becomes a being? Would you be kind and courteous to even the smallest creature or would you want to distort and manipulate it to get ahead just like you have got so used to doing?

I can sit here and complain all day about the injustices of the world or I can find my groove and move to the pulse of all the entities and great lives that have lived before me. Whom am I but a mere speck of dust in this time frame hoping to sparkle in such a way that maybe I too will get notice for my hard work and determination. Maybe it doesn’t have to make a difference in this life time but maybe if I put in enough blood, sweat and tears maybe the irony will have no choice but to be all mine. I hope and I pray and even on my son’s worst days I hope that in the end all that we are going through is worth it. It has to be because no matter how much it hurts right now there will always be another being waiting in the wings hoping to get even just a tiny slice out of our pie. You don’t necessarily have to give away the recipe but it should would be nice to share from time to time how else can you find like minds if you don’t at least try and give them a chance. They might nip you in the bud or bite you in the *ss but at least you will never be accused for not at least giving it your all.

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