Making Room

As painful as it can be to admit sometimes chairs are removed from our table in order to make room for other people to sit. Other people who can stimulate our minds and physche to help us evolve into who we are meant to be. There are some people so stagnant in their own filth they will become anybody in order to believe their lies. You can see it in everything they are to become and who they portray themselves to be as they stumble among the nameless trying to find a place to take hold. They insult their sisters like they were born with a blue blood that is far superior than any human race. The facts are more apparent to the fly taking notice on the wall then any other entity or being that we have ever know.

Sure it hurts when somebody we used to hold in high regards takes a stumble from the high road and fall face first into the gutter. No matter how you slice it rejection hurts and when it comes to being rejected somebody is saying there is something wrong with you. Something that you are doing irritates their being so much so that they have to put you on the back burner and ignore. That’s ok once you recognize the fact you can burn the bridges they took the time to cross. This is all about your eternal damnation so it is up to you to figure how much it is worth to you and what it will cost. You can stare fear in the eye and say if you want to defeat me do so with a pure of heart because I will not be swayed. Waivered? Sure because nothing hurts more than an acquaintance who turned their back so they could no longer hear. Be gone because your bugging me anyways you have to have some sort of resolve in knowing your worth.

Make room at that big wide table after all of this because who knows how many seats we will be granted if even one at all. What if everybody we encountered was highly irritating so like on Groundhog Day we have to live it all again. Imagine this. Why keep on writing a blog when I can just talk in a video etc well I still do all that but I write words to exercise my brain and just like when you find yourself in a pool of like minded individuals your world becomes whole once again. What is in my best interest is a loving relationship with the father of my child but we need to recognize we aren’t each other’s be all end all her on Earth. Maybe right know and that is all we need to know. Our family is HUGE all things considering. If I told you once I will of course tell you once again. We have our 4 year old, 3 dogs, 9 cats, 5 budgies, 2 chinchillas and 3 crabs and of course my garden. I am going to start showing them off more on my YouTube channel to try to show everybody just how it is I get that outer glow. ( go and check it out!! The outer glow comes in making an impact in even the smallest of lives. You know one of our cats was returned twice to the shelter. For being too needy or wanting a friend lol They didn’t get to know her at all. She is a Sophia Pitrello kinda gal lol she don’t need nobody but a warm place to lay her head and an occasional cuddle.

Speaking of making room at our table did you know it is our 5 year anniversary and that the signature gift at 5 years is wood LOL and not to mention my birthday is June 14…The Strawberry Moon which is known for a very bountiful harvest of strawberries uhmmmm WHAT!! Seems like all signs are leading towards giving having another baby a go but you didn’t hear it here just in case you know. No sense in jinxing the unknown again and taunting fates but that spirit adivsor gal said that there was one maybe two daughters waiting to find their way into our arms and what better blessing… K so I know TMI BUT we would literally find out ON my birthdays if the whole idea of conception worked. MIND BLOWING!! Don’t tell anybody I said anything because I will be turning 43 and given how we almost died the last time everybody is saying don’t chance it and I am thinking how could I not. To be reunited with another beautiful gift from the heavens is a chance every human should want to make it is a shame more don’t get to experience or have that beautiful gift taken away.

I am a forever dreamer which is the intoxicating gift of what is my life. In my presence I can make you believe that anything and everything is possible and it should be because we only have this one shot and it’s a shame that most of us will never get that confidence to take. Some are very undeserving of the life that they have been given and they will one day pay the ultimate price. It will never be known exactly how but rest assured karma likes to take a bite out of the most ripest *ss. There is only so much the Universe can handle before it takes it too personal and begins fighting back. It will start with pandemics and famines then wars will rage throughout the lands. If a great reset was to occur would you be ok with all the things you have done here? If tomorrow was not promised and these last few hours were all you got, can you say you did the things you were proud of if because this the end and all you got.

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