The Devil Made Us Do It

Imagine banishing away your own self worth and feeling entitlement in order to make a vile, obnoxious entity win. That is what we move so fiercely towards with no regard or understanding. No sense of truth or acknowledgement of where or how it is we have found ourselves here. I mean, that point is so glaringly obvious I wonder why it is we had no desire to try and hear or understand all the lives that have walked this Earth before. We say we do but do we actually? Robbing Peter, Paul and Mary to get what was promised to you to even the score.

Imagine a time spanning thousands of years ago. Before somebody got this idea that they would like to run and control the whole world. That is what was done when we perverse what was left to us. Think about the Egyptian pyramids, which were designed to keep all their worldly and material possessions away from other humans. Men, women and children paid the ultimate price as they spent each day on the sand building a tomb that would reach up to the sky. That is all they were focused on. How can we preserve what we sacrificed our whole lives to mean when it is determined that we must return full circle. They were fully aware that the answers that we so tirelessly seeked to define our lives be from the only place that it could possibly be, high up and above.

I can’t help but think about the Mormon beliefs that there were three tiers to heaven which would leave only one to get to hell. That makes sense to me now. If your life is the single entity that is hanging onto something negative that might affect the other stars in the night sky then you have nowhere to go and you in turn become lost. Maybe this is how we can explain ghost energy. With no connection to the stars than you are destined to walk this Earth alone. Who knows if the Universe will allow you to pay your penance or you will always have to walk this Earth alone. All I know from a historical perspective and review from the very first time life started we all agreed on one thing, we would one day return home back up to the stars.

I have to think back to how Einstein once said energy never dies it just passes through kinetically transferring through another object until it transfer form. That is powerful. All electrical currents are graded and who is saying we aren’t just the source of energy that maneuvers and turns these bodies of matter on? We have become so distracted with life having all these bells and whistles that we forgot how good coming alive can truly feel and be. It’s like watching the sun crest over the mountains in the wee hours of the morning ready to wake up the rest of the world. She does so quietly with no rhyme or reason even though for the most part humans frown as they see that she is wanting to be woken up. We take it for granted the beauty of life that comes alive in every single, living thing. So much so we spend our whole life time how to replicate life into plastic becoming a glaring indication that we just might be living our lives wrong. Without the simplistic appreciation of who we once were and who it is we are set to become we are destined to keep our heads down and keep running in one place. Nothing that big business or big pharma promised us was beneficial, just look at the toxins they continue to bring to the outside world.

Life is what happens when we open our eyes and marinade in the possibility of what it truly means to come alive in this world. Nothing is promised, including tomorrow, as we are faced with the real threats that their are bombs of mass destruction that can one day flatten the world. With no regard for any life all they want is control and domination. Sure that sounds good on paper but have you given it much thought to what will happen to your empire when you one day leave? Think about it. You can’t protect your name and legacy forever and one day in the future all those you spurred and took advantage of their ancestors will come and liberate their good names. For what was once taken they will want justice for which will leave your next in line being the ones to pay with their life to even up the score. Like a red, scarlet A embroidered on their chest they will have no hope of a happy future as they demand retribution from what was stolen. Being obnoxious in this life will one day get you hated and communities will storm the streets toppling anything that reminds them of your filth and greed. That we have seen in modern day times. Steal our innocent women and children and make them disappear, ya one day that will all come to light because the truth will set you free.

The Devil is alive in each one of our hearts as he is the one in our ear whispering search for greener pastures and scorn all your friends and family. That nothing will feeling quite as good as laying flat on your back or upgrading your partner as we continuously search for a better life. Why be gracious when you can be self serving? Only worry about yourself and forget what everything else could possibly mean. I learned young that sex is the fuel that will defeat us as it is that one single feeling that can bring us to our knees. Figuratively and literally. How much time is wasted when we are flat on our backs instead of working on our inner self and finding out what all this could mean. Its a Hollywood distraction that keeps us afloat and it is that same distraction that will get us to take our own life. Tired from the constant fear of rejection and feeling common place it is no wonder I am having trouble trying to understand these feelings and the world.

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