Nature Saved Me

Nature saved me. Just like it did long ago it has been the healing hands of the Earth that has made me feel sane. It is like burying yourself into the dirt to uncover all sources of life, it is only when your hands become filthy that you feel one and the same. What others have been so eagerly to accept as being full truth and gospel I can finally bring together all the thoughts that linger inside my brain.

What did we expect to happen? The further we get from the essence of all life the sicker we will all become and be. 90% of the products displayed on the shelves have been made by man and I don’t mean by planting and nurturing a seed. They have perverted the very definition of life when they take a calf from his mother before even opening his eyes. It breaks my heart to know that in order for a certain class of citizens to consume their beloved veal an animal will enter this Earth and will never know their true intent. Their precious wobbly legs will never stand on this green Earth as they are carried away in the dark to be lined on top of cages. I wish man stopped there. I almost called them farmers but there is a huge difference to what these big corporation are doing to what was done by my ancestor’s own hand. Yes calves were castrated only moments after birth but this was to prevent their hormones from getting all enraged. It breaks my heart to know that they will never grow into their greatest potential but at least until that time comes they are able to graze. They are able to interact with each other and run free inside a fenced field. They will grow and live a life of wonder living in the greenest pastures till the time has come for them to end up on a dinner plate. I remember the laughter of my Uncles and Dad as we would sit down to feast on the cows I once loved. At this point it was merely the preservation of the circle of life that kept us going I had no idea that there could be another way.

Now growing up on a farm taught us to appreciate all living things. All life had a place on the food chain, somewhere, and it was up to us to keep all life happy and fed. We had chickens that had free range and were only locked up at night. There is something to be said for catching a chicken in the field and bringing it to your Grandfather to get accolades. That was the game. Can you catch a chicken before Grandmother comes out. See if you cause a chicken too much stress they can get blood in their eggs. What I remember about our life having chickens (well my Grandmother’s) is that there is nothing quite like eating a fresh egg. What twisted my mind most here is this is the start of another chicken’s life. Lucky for us it was impossible as we never owned a rooster who would impregnate the rest of the roost but there was something so surreal about feasting on these eggs. When you begin to understand how our own body works you begin to see the similarities, yes even with a chicken. All we want is a chance to live free and to spend a minute or two in the fresh air getting our skin warmed by the sun. My Grandmother and her chickens what a beautiful site. The closest I have to that time when I was living is my 5 budgies that I rescued off of the internet with care. The woman wanted these budgies trashed for not laying eggs. Not because she was eating them but because she wanted baby budgies to sell away. Maybe they knew that she was trying to profit off of them because they never laid a one. Well until they got out of her clutches and felt that they were appreciated and finally loved. Birds will not sing if they are not happy and mine in my house, well they just never shut up. They sing as soon as the sun crests over the neighboring houses until the moon finally rises and they put themselves to bed.

Planting our garden in the Spring was the beginning of new life that we waited all winter for. There is nothing quite like the preparation that goes in so that you can watch all the new life sing. I would like to credit my Mother for the beautiful bounty we had every fall but I can’t deny the obvious the hand we all did play. Rows upon rows of perfectly planned vegetables that would flourish all summer keeping our bellies full among other things. The greenhouse that my Dad built being my favourite. Rows and rows of beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers that you could go outside at anytime and just pick and eat. Spring was grand but fall became even busier. Looking back I am thankful for having that one channel on our tv. Shucking peas and corn we would get our bounty ready so that we could freeze. We had veggies prepared for every occasion and a line of the most gorgeous canned fruit that your eyes ever did see. Not the kind you get from the store but the kind that you go to the orchard to pick yourself and buy. There is nothing like a good ol jar of canned peaches or even cherries just make sure you have yourself permission before you go ahead and enjoy.

Nature is the one constant that has been here since the early dawns of time. It was life in all of its abundance that covered this Earth at one time without us even knowing why. Instead of learning to coincide hand and hand we demolished huge forests and erected grotesque cities. We pushed out all wildlife and extinguished trees and nature like it was no big deal and in essence like it was our own God given right. Just because they can’t pray to an entity that a few man have used to control us doesn’t mean their life is worthless, I think it means the opposite. They are able to live their life in a more controlled way. They want to love unconditionally until they learn that that love isn’t reciprocated and in the heels of recognizing this fact too late they end up living their whole lives broken and defeated. Nature saved me now it is time for me to save nature. I will do almost anything to help this innocent entity stay alive.

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