The Bad Man

I want to tell you why it is important to live your life like nobody is watching and why so many of us or incapable of doing just that. Or when we start to gather a crowd around us we allow it to go straight to our heads and start engaging in deplorable acts and things. This small BC town girl never waivered for a minute even when the man came calling for her early on.

After the sadness I became fueled with rage. I wasn’t sure why my beginning had to start so ragged around the edges but I was convinced in time it would all begin to make sense. Well it did for a time anyways, until the idea entered my mind up ying and yang. If something bad was happening to me in this day and time then I there had to be grace and salvation given to somebody else. It can’t rain all the time can it? There has to be sunshine somewhere out there in this big wide world. I needed to believe that my suffering was the reason somebody was receiving accolades and happiness to the high heavens. The man wouldn’t leave empty handed would he?

I didn’t like many growing up. I thought if this is the best the world had to offer sitting at home with my animals had to be enough. Well, until you are brain washed to believe differently then living and residing in a small town would never be enough. You had to become somebody because in your young years you had to pay the ultimate sacrifice and you weren’t about ready to let that sacrifice be the result of a sick game. Here is what happens when you are forced to live through what I was made to do you develop an alter sense of reality that begins to make sense. Maybe reality is the wrong word but you begin to look for the truth. What makes it so we are all here and what happened to those before us now that they are gone? All the blood, sweat and tears and sacrifices they made now stand for nothing to those they left behind. BUT dying can’t be the be all end all man has been writing about the stars since the dawn of time.

Prospectively speaking what to you makes the most sense. If you honestly believe this is all for nothing you might do yourself in now right on this spot but you don’t. There is an inkling somewhere that maybe there is life after death and all this pain and suffering can somehow be made right. The problem with pain and suffering is it weighs heavy on some and that is when we get to look at the perspective and rays of light. Look at the basics. Heat rises. Cold sinks. Then we have the rainbow and a variety of different radio frequencies. Why would ghosts talk to us through electro magnetics they don’t. They are only able to bend the beam of light they find themselves on but then you have to consider what they have done to anybody including myself and me. Enter the possibility that once you enter into the galaxy the light spectrum you find yourself on may not be able to enter with another light hence the idea of hell. If you aren’t even the light because of something you have done maybe then the idea gets to enter that you just get to return to the ground. I don’t know but we should get to toss ideas freely around. Or is this is why we are all forced to work mundane jobs with big pharma and corporations telling us what to believe in and how to foot the bill.

Let’s light up our brains and encourage free thoughts. I need you to know I feel this great pull to Egypt that I can not fully explain why. They are the first civilization that realized the importance of keeping records. Records could prove one thing, what happens to us when we die. How could it not? If we follow our DNA traces back throughout the hands of time we all pretty much need to come from one central place…don’t we? It is impossible to think that we just landed here out of the sky or were the result of some explosion out in the night sky. How could we not be perfect in our existence that becomes nauseating if we begin to think about it in depth so let’s. So let’s believe in evolution and our ancestors and the idea that maybe we might be able to be reborn. If that was something that was possible a record of us being here would become essential in order to trigger all sorts of deja vu. Imagine if we could return one day and gather up all our blood, sweat and tears. Doesn’t that sound kinda familiar…I mean they have been standing up in our horizon for years. Ancient Egyptians are the closest civilization to when time first began so we should rise up and take notice when and how this great city became under constant attack. There could only be one reason and that is because the devil walks among us and he wants to rob us of our light. The more dark and deceptive we become the easier it is for him to win. Just remember what I said in the beginning when the man comes a calling he always want to win.

Aren’t we ridiculous in who we are? Thinking that there is evil out there and we should feel constantly attacked? Why is it what is communicating with us in the stars something evil or could it be our ancestors warning us to be careful and not to let the bad man in?

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