What’s In a Name

The names we give each other can be incredibly powerful and can be used to bring another being displeasure and at times bring them to their knees. The feeling of emptiness that begin to over power us is more than the average mind can even take. We believe the lies that are being said about us for no reason. Forsaken everything we have ever known about ourselves to appease another mind. Why would the venom that another being spew about us even matter when we know exactly how to make our hearts sing so we should pay no mind. It has always been a lot easier said then done for the most part. I know for me when filth has been uttered I instantly begin to believe that it maybe true when the reality is they have never cared to know anything about my life up to and including me. Just because somebody has been around for a few years doesn’t make them the expert of anything and everything that is you. Probably just the opposite. Somebody who takes the time out of their daily grind to try and deter all the hard work that you have done is just a beast. They will never, ever be able to have a conscious thought about you or even me. All they care about is getting their rocks off and their name written in the sky. They will say anything and everything so that their entity will eventually be thought of and known.

What is the worst name you have been called in your life and at the hands of who and do you even know why? I think the general insults that are interlaced throughout my day are incredibly obnoxious and getting further under my skin. From every which why around me I see people getting off on being deceitful. Turning their back on their loved ones to try and even up the score. Daughters will forget to be there for their mothers as they salivate at the bit trying to bleed water out of a stone. The out of place feeling of entitlement for being nothing but a waste of skin in this world. You could think about all the ways you could be there for those you love but the reality is you love nobody not even yourself. Telling anybody who will conversate with you what they should do with their time selling off the information you obtained in private so you can pretend to have the upper hand. I know these vultures who insist on picking off every last piece of flesh from their family bones. The only saving grace I feel is that they won’t be going any place ever with me. Not here and now and definitely not into the after life. If you act deceitful while eyes are open, I can only imagine what you might feel entitled to doing when eyes are closed. T his is why I talk to nobody and why I seldom play the victim card. Oh whoa look at poor little ol me. There are those with their hands out and who will remain that way for the rest of their lives. They won’t lift a finger to help the hands that feed them in fact they will keep putting that day off hoping that the head of their family will eventual die. No love lost right? Maybe they are too old now with their time being on top long gone. Who knows.

What’s in a name truly, am I right? There are terms of endearment and terms we use to bring on other people’s insecurities and fears. That’s who we have become a civilization not give a f*ck and always trying to make it so we have our way. Who cares what secrets we have to share or the hearts we break in getting there. When a loved one finally moves on from this life to the next than we don’t have to answer to them anymore. So let’s just sit here and wait. Time is no longer on their side and chances are somebody who is younger will benefit. Why keep up the charade of being an honourable son or daughter when you can keep on sh*tting the bed you sleep in instead…I wonder who paid for that bed in the end anyways? How depraved and inhuman some people truly are and will continue to behave. It’s all around me where I live and at times I just want to take one controlled breath in before I see how much more I can take. I would never think of dishonouring somebody I truly loved in this way and it is hard for me to imagine that some people are incapable of being able to love. Of course they are. How could it be that human beings would be filled so infinite without all the bells and whistles including rage. We need all emotions to make this world turn and that includes the ones that are spinning out of control. What defines us from being human or a true monster is how we treat those closest to us in our inner fold. You might think you are surrounded by friends but just wait to see how infested those waters become when you find that your backs are suddenly turned. Sharks can’t control the way they behave when they get a scent of blood. They become enraptured killing anything and everything they come into contact with never thinking of the consequences just trying to get their fill. I wonder if at times they think if they could live a life more peaceful instead of living a life of a predator forever instead. Imagine not being born a killer but in the end having to be one just to keep your bellies fed. Survival of the fittest. I wonder how many of us are just mean sometimes because in the end we are all trying our best just to fit in.

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