This is 43!!

On this my 43rd turn around the sun you can`t help but stop to think what a wonderful life. Sure some of the bumps and turns I thought I could never recover from but here I am in all my glory trying to stand upright and tall. Some people I thought would be here by my side I have fallen away, lost into the wind. Never to be felt or spoken to again as wayward whispers often are.

Now I need to wonder on this day that I was granted life why should it be any different than the days I lived before. I am still me and by all means recognize my own reflection but time has made me wiser now as I come closer to knocking on death`s door. I live in a life that I created with my own imagination that doesn’t hurt nobody unless you pay us some mind. We keep to ourselves in the confines of our own family love and protection and come to each others sides when somebody comes to settle an old school. Sure we realize we aren’t perfect but when mixed all together we do become one so who are we to argue with the and of cards we have been dealt. In my own eyes I believe that not only am I version of myself I have become them.

Look at the similarities between who they used to be and who I am becoming now. My ancestral line is one of farmers and here I am trying to return to a time of more innocence where I can one day live off the land. There is no greater source of price to me than watching my Chinchilla’s eat something from my greenhouse or garden. How I wish my Sweet Barney (my Skinny Pig) was here to see this, he was one of the first to go last year. I give them all my time and in some ways I wish I could give them more. Spending time with each one individually is the greatest honour and I am so thankful for this time in their lives. There are moments when I wish I could give them more than I realize some people keep their beloved pets in cages and to them I have to stand up and say what the hell! I hate the way my cats look at the outdoors so I give them lots of perches so they can enjoy the view. We live in a time where cats are killed in torture either by vehicles or somebody’s evil spawn or worse. I keep them in outdoors because I know they are safe but I have multiple cat perches, toys and each other in which I hope that they are kept entertained. For every moment that they are out here is a moment that they spend outside of a cage…or worse.

What have I learned in 43 years is family is probably the reason why we were all given life. Yes some of ours are more challenging than others but that is why we have the ability to be the one to start making a change. Family is more than the blood that courses inside of you it is about a mutual love and respect. Your partner in life should not be the ones to get your rocks off because how would you able to keep that up and obtain what you need to do to level up. You need a strong mind and a full heart to not be swayed by those who just want to drag you down. Success is always the color of green, not so much of envy but more like the color of puke. No good has ever happened to somebody who has always lusted after what somebody else has had. You find yourself in a corner all alone instead of experiencing a form of love we should all be entitled too.

Sure it’s been a roller coaster ride but I am much more closer today to speaking my own truth. I know what it is I want to accomplish, somewhat, and I set up some means to begin to obtain it. I am still in love with self care and that we should all be committed to feeling our best. In fact I have been trying to start up a YouTube around my life where I share with y’all the ups and the downs. Check it out ( Make sure to subscribe if you make it that far and tell me all the Sweet Ruby things you want to see!!! Putting yourself out there is hard so I keep trying to reinvent myself. If the shoe fits wear it! And if it don’t find a stiletto you can rock out on! Stand tall with your head high and tell others to get out of your way!! BEEP BEEP!!

What else have I learned. Be dedicated to learning something. I am committed to learning how to grow the best plants and learning about how to manipulate the elements, I am talking about crystals and magik and all the other things that make life perfect that scare the normal beings. I also want to be a lover of human nature and art. To experience what makes others lives special to try and understand how their inner making and thinking works. That we are all special and unique in our ways and deserve to have the spot light turn on our heart to sing. To experience the warmth of love and friendship in all of its glory and after math is something that we should all be privy too. I am thankful for another turn around the sun, all the good things and bad. I am sad for the ones who didn’t make it but I am hopeful that in time we will have our day in the sand. All we have is this moment and all the things we hope to be, and maybe some courage and faith along the way to keep us going and a blessing in our hearts to have a great day!

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  1. ourlifein3d says:

    Happy Birthday!🎉🎉 Cheers to 44


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