Made Different

Is it just me or has the world turned upside down in a matter of a few years? Like is this reality? Our new normal? Or has something extremely rotten been affecting all of our brains? Is this what happens when we are confined to our houses with little or no interaction? I have never seen so many beings glorifying and eradicating sex. I think about all the ways our ancestors were objectified as they struggled to give us the freedom so many lost their lives for. I get whips and chains excite some but do they remember they were also used against slaves and even children? This is where I get lost in the human experience because that kind of energy only fuels the beast and his fire.

In this world I am already hated for not wanting to put out. So many guys would always insult me when I told them I wasn’t the sort of girl that was into that. I see the world differently and by succumbing to their wanton ways it’s like they are sleeping with my Grandmother from beyond the grave. If I am made of light and energy why on Earth would I want such darkness deeply, trying to penetrate me. Don’t get it confused. It’s not that I hate sex. I just feel if it is not for pro creating it has no place in this world. Maybe it is because I have been blessed with knowing who is the one. Why would I deplete my value with any other when I know who was made to be my better half? Anybody and everybody else is not worthy in my mind. Unless of course they have the ability to spark a feeling deep inside. So I get lost and I feel more than confused when I see such methods of bondage on display so publicly.

So I guess I understand why the explosion sort of happened. Without the ability to make ends meet in a public setting there was a push towards being able to make it work online. I have high respects for a being who can provide for themselves with no need for a partner because in today’s times it takes two to make it work and probably more like 3 to live comfortably. So for those of you working hard, shaking what your momma gave you I will always keep you in my highest thoughts and regards. The ones who have me look out of my eyes sideways are the ones who are willing to throw it all away and then some. I never thought it could be possible what some beings are forced to do. Well want to do more like it. Some people actually think that they can make it rich by taking off their clothes. Some can but the reality more often than not is we are no Jenna Jamieson’s and if we can’t make that million bux then we are a silver haired fox with an Only Fan’s and I am don’t think our Retirement homes are prepared for a world that is heading that way.

So is their life beyond sex? I am not sure but I hope so and I am determined to show the world that you can be successful in such a way. Thinking back maybe there is a reason we were meant to die in our middle ages during our sexual peak. Maybe the Universe was never meant for so much bodily fluid and in the end it rotted our brains. I love the way love feels and when you are pressed next to a body that is so soft but I get the same satisfaction when laying with any of my pets and I don’t have to worry about if they are getting off. I am always enough in my purest form and all they want to do is be around me and that feeling is worth it’s weight in gold. I guess that is why I continue to look at the world a little differently like our bodies are a temple to be cherished and not to be so lazy with who we spend the days with. The internet has made us so cold towards each other but we know each other’s most intimate parts. Does that make sense? That makes us just an object to be thrown around vicariously and my heart just crumbles from the weight and all the loss. Any child who has ever been objectified I feel has the internet to blame. When we don’t leave anything to the imagination that leaves us with only our depraved actions to finally blame.

So what have I done? Have I gone insane? I am not sure entirely but I know I want to live happy and for my family to feel the same. What I have is a desire to draw out other’s ability to love themselves by looking in the mirror a different way. Instead of looking at all the scars, wrinkles and grey hairs why not look to nature as it does the same. We can all age together while we look at ourselves as living art. Keeping a tidy home and a perfectly paired outfit while loving on your children and husband as he goes to work. I want to live in the image like my Grandmother did because I love her so much even to this day. I don’t want her to look down at me with any regrets and I want her to know that I still honour her to this day. I do so with my love of Color Street by helping other woman fall in love with their hands. And of course I am love with being a housewife who is collecting a paycheck, helping out my family any way that I can. Check out my latest Color Street video at and make sure to like and suscribe xx

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