Mental Health (A Week in Practice)

You need to join the world on your terms so you don`t lose sight of who you are, which is seemingly impossible to do. There is so much outside noise and chatter and so many other beings out there who are always trying to have their say. The 7 deadly sins means nothing to us these days as we forgo everything that it means to be human in order for us to engage in our silly and most selfish ways. Who do you think are the ones who are growing up the most damaged? Our children and I am one scared for the next influx of teenagers that are set to hit the street. There is who we conduct ourselves when we are single but we become somebody else when the doors to another reality begin to open up between our legs. Think about it. What else could it be but a portal to another world yet hear we are letting any Tom, Dick and Harry deposit their load and be on their way. Don’t get me wrong. I remember years ago reading that what was in a man’s pants has the ability to treat depression so in the forever attempt of sticking it to big pharma I say even sleeping dogs will eventually have their day.

How can you keep focused on joining the world on your terms and not getting carried away with what other people are doing or even what it is they are trying to say. Everybody has an opinion and everybody is entitled to say that they know themselves best but it is those over zealous, self righteous beings that trying to corrupt the rest of us so that we too are thinking the same way. That type of control is dangerous and prevents us from having a free mind. Just look at all the ways the government has been sent to control us keeping it so that we will never have our day. Taxes, oh the taxes with the majority of what is being collected paying an astronomical wage. I get it. Trust me I do. We need to send our world leaders to come together so they can perfect together how to blow the most smoke out of everybody’s *sses. I think it is our politicians who carry the most diseases just like the rats of the bubonic plague. Who elses travels the world with little or no regard to where they go or who they speak too? And is it just me or are most of these politicians past their prime and is it a recommendation that they always have to be white? I don’t see an accurate representation of the public that they serve. Maybe it would help a little bit if their salary was kept a little bit more in line instead of constantly being raised to coincide with inflation. In these days of insanity we most look for a better way.

For today I want to focus on a week of self care and value added mental health self awareness. We all can need a little reminder from time to time. Where to start in this crazy world of maniacs who are always rushing to and forth with little regard for their surroundings and paying other beings no mind. Would you believe the best way to center your mind is to just be still and learn to appreciate the air and mediate. By allowing yourself the chance to just be still you can actually bring so much value to your life. Being still increases your focus therefore reducing your anxiety leading to the direct benefit of instantly reducing stress. Sounds refreshing doesn’t it? If you had a chance to return to a more emotionally balanced state while reducing depression wouldn’t you want to at least give it a try? Just by sitting still for 5 minutes a day you can increase compassion, productivity and even memory all while reducing a little bit of pain. There is always 1,440 minutes in everyday and all mediation requires is only 5? Do you have 5 minutes to spare in your day and would you like to challenge yourself with me?

It is no secret that I have a lot of pets and that I am natural empath that can easily get depressed. I have always gravitated towards cats as I have felt connected to them and Egypt…I warned you that I am a strange one. A cats purr has been believed to be the exact frequency we need to heal and if you ask me they are a natural at coming around when you are feeling down and out and a little bit depressed. Their ease of nature is so calming as they never look at you as an outcast but as the being of love that you are. So of course when it comes to our beloved animals they lower stress, reduce anxiety, counter depression and boost your mood. I mean of course they do. How can you get to down and out on yourself when you have an adorable mouth to feed. Our pets love us fiercely and without judgement and waiver of abandonment. You know when you come home after a hard day they are always there greeting you with a smile and a potential open bowl.

We are all so obsessed with our outward appearance but have we ever considered taking care of our brain and mind. Reading a book is like taking your brain to the gym and I think it is horrifying to think that so many don’t care or will even go on to train their mind in such a way. Regurgitating what we learn from social media isn’t the same as going out and learning it ourselves first hand. Being able to follow along reading words makes our brain stronger and can actually help us prevent disease. In fact they say reading only 6 minutes a day improves quality of sleep, sharpens mental activity and reduces stress all while working hard to keep dementia and alzheimer’s at bay. It’s only 6 minutes. Do you have 6 minutes? I know I am down to try anything that promises to improve my life and keep the bad man away.

Now to gear ourselves towards a little beneficial TLC. A BATH!!! Sounds incredibly indulgent doesn’t it so let me set the mood. Picture it. A warm, candlelight bath set with essential oils and light music is the perfect escape for an overworked body and an increasingly tired brain. The perfect bath temperature for an adult should be around 40 – 45C in a room that is set around 25C. This is the perfect magical combination to increase your body temperature in the most comfortable way. The preferred essential oil for relaxation is lavender but there are some other choices that can carry you on your way to relaxation. Candle light is vitally important as it helps in the production of melatonin after the blue light infused day worked so hard to destroy it. Now the only thing left to do is be mindful of your surroundings and allow yourself the opportunity to soak it all in. No technology of any kind should enter here it will truly interfere with your ability to fully relax.

You all know I am an advocate for making a vision board. I wouldn’t have the life I have without one. When I went back to school at the tender age of 37 it was a class activity that we got graded on to do. I put my heart and soul into that vision with a no holding back mentality. Why would I be ashamed for the life that I still held onto dreaming about ever since I was a kid. The scary reality of being too old to bare children or to find a mate was weighing heavy on my soul but I refused to let it show so I put it all on a board to be displayed. We are talking visions of being a housewife with a walk in closet and pets and to take the International Pin-Up Contest World by storm…I did it all! Igot my princess shoes and my mermaid tail what more could an woman who was increasingly getting to that top of the hill even ask? Well I am in the throws of doing another one because the benefits of doing so I can attest to are out of this world. A vision board increases motivation and productivity all while clarifying goals and boosting activity….dare I say more!!

There is a reason why they call it a sunny disposition that goes far beyond the addition of vitamin D increasing your mood. Being out in the sun has so many amazing mental and physical health benefits that is growing increasingly hard to stand up and ignore. Vitamin D reduces inflammation and encourages cell growth which is hard to obtain from just food sources alone. Sunshine increases our serotonin which boosts our ability to indulge in a good nights sleep. With physical benefits of lowering blood pressure and strengthening bones I see no reason to indulge in the sun from 5 to 15 minutes at a time as long as you are covered and using an appropriate strength SPF.

And last but not least give yourself an at home manicure. That is why I have been so committed to learning all that I can about loving on your hands and on your feet. I am an International Beauty Specialist after all. There is just something that comes from having that confidence to be able to shake hands or take your socks off at the beach. We shouldn’t have to carry any shame for what nature provided to all of us nor should we have to break the bank to obtain a perfectly manicured hand or polish on our feet. I mean Color Street is just nail polish after all Dahlings and it takes money out of Big Corporations and gives the money back to you and me. Take a look around you as you are out and about this morning and look at all the cracked nail polish and yellowing toes and cracked heels and feet. If you could provide another being with a little bit of human care and loving kindness wouldn’t you want to be that kind of being? Hit me up and I will send you out a sample or check out all the Color that Color Street can ring into your life ( Its just polish but it is equally important to increase the mood and feelings for all the world to see.

I know this post is a little bit on the lengthy side but with mental health on the rise I wanted to let you know that you will always have me along for the ride. I made this YouTube video to help summarize the first week of Mental Health Awareness. I sure would love some feedback in the comments xx

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