Why I Won’t Celebrate

Today is a day that as a child I was made to believe it was something to be celebrated and it was something that the world should know that happened that made us so great. Let’s start with a general thought provoking statement. If Earth is around 4.54 billion years old how is it that Canada is a spry 155 years old? Doesn’t that sound insane? What this day should be is this is the day that the white man finally took over and made the rest of their inhabitants relinquish all control.

It started with these boats rolling in looking around at the lush vegetation and forests full of animals and thought to themselves lets ruin this land that we just found and make it look like the cold, impersonal country we just left. Just because they were unable to communicate with the people who already resided on this land for thousand of years they legit stole this country right from under them and did deplorable things to them.

You have to imagine going on about your day to day to having it all taken away. We preach freedom and all that jazz but we had no problems taking it all away back then. ALL the systems that are put into place should become null and void. The only way to rectify what has been taken is to try and bring it back to the way it was before. A civilization was robbed of all they could be but not only that they took away the birds and the trees.

Nothing makes me want to denounce being human more than listening to some moms in my moms group complain about the wildlife here in my town. They have nowhere to go as we strip this land of everything than shot them on side when they try to feed their babies so they too can have a good life. We don’t want anybody to have a good life especially if they look different. Nothing stood a chance against these big war machines that came to ruin and pollute everything.

It’s INSANE!! Look at all this garbage that we can’t take with us that we are going to leave for another body to find. Life is what happens when you strip everything away. Ignorance is what we are left with when we refuse to see that we are all the same. This hierarchy of living has never made much sense to me. Yes we need somebody in charge to make all the hard decisions but what are we supposed to do when what is being done is not for the common good?

I live for the people in the hopes I can make a difference some day. I call out the haters and all the other people who just want to hear their voice so that they can have their say. Sure every dog has their day so I just call them out. I see you lurking in the shadows claiming to be righteous and full of virtue but when push comes to shove where are you really at? The hustle and grind isn’t for everybody and you have to find a way to live in a manner that is unconventional so that you can protect your livelihood and say.

Don’t ask me how I know but I just do. There are certain lies that we keep believing and then there are the ones that need to be outed and get everybody’s head out of the sand. We aren’t the same if you believe that just because you are you that means that you are instantly better. The one who is the best is the one who has nothing but is still able to keep a smile on their face. Those are my people and that is why I will keep on doing what I do. I will live my life so differently all because I will prove to everybody that I am not you.

There are some rules that we have to follow because they have been put into place for such a time but what I am hoping that we can start doing is following our heart and opening our eyes. The comparison we make to other people who will never understand is insane. The people who you are trying to impress wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire or even care if you met an early grave. Those people you shouldn’t even keep around. Do you need them around you just to fill seats? There is no sense in wasting your time or diluting your worth to beings whose eyes aren’t even open and who can hardly even see.

So will I celebrate this day? No! I won’t even acknowledge it. The horrors that have built this land under the disguise of being multicultural is every Charles Manson’s dreams. To get publicly acknowledged and celebrated for the pain you caused to so many then you are able to go about your day makes you a psychopath. What does that say for the leaders of my country? When given the opportunity to make things right they do what they have always done and just throw cash. Disgusting.

Here’s the problem with systematic abuse, it lingers in the womb. What was handed down to just a child affects their offspring and their offspring’s, offspring’s and their offspring’s offspring’s offspring’s, if you know what I mean. Don’t believe me. Just use science to mitigate the facts. A 10 year old girl gets beaten and raped by a man. Inside that 10 year old girl is her ovaries. The only cells that don’t change over the years. You see cells regenerate every 6 months but not these cells with the gift of life, they remain. What that means is all that abuse that was handed down to her well be engrained onto her unborn child even if she doesn’t have one for the next 20 years. DNA and cells are all a genetic imprint that is handed down throughout the generations and connects us over all these years and you can’t deny what is felt while waiting inside the womb. The beginning of life.

Thank you all for the continued love and support. I love that you are all here and constantly showing up. This world is so crazy that it makes it hard to want to be a part of it but I try to make it livable in the hopes I can help save and touch more lives one day ❤

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