Mind Your Jadey Business Cuz I Got Flamin-Goals!!

You like that? Mind your Jadey Business cuz I got Flamin-Goals!! A play on my latest Color Street Manicure to remind me that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will EVER take away my smile. That at the end of the day I am always going to keep my nose to the grind no matter how much hate a hater is going to dish out at me to take. I see people and all they want to do is derail me and I will work my fingers to they bleed just to prove that point. Well not till they bleed because how would I apply my Color Street? Lol Using every set in my possession one fine mani at a time.

We all need something in our lives to make us feel like it maybe possible for us to level up. Nobody goes outside during the day in anticipation that they might not make it home for dinner with the rest of their beloved crew but it could happen. I don’t want anything like that to ever happen but time to time death will come and take one of us and there is nothing for those that have been left standing to even fight back and do.

I think women are the worst. WE hate when anybody appears to be a little bit different than us. What we want from our friends is for them to just be a little bit below us. If they are beautiful they need to be fat and poor. If they are fat then they are stunningly beautiful. We build those up who need it and hammer on those who don’t. Does it make you feel better bringing down another being just because they define their life a little bit differently then you do?

I do what I do because I want to try and leave a better life for my son. I use social media as a tool instead of the be all end all to all of our hopes and dreams. I try to tie it all together and with this Mani Monday I think I was finally able too and I love the fact that I did. Sure I want to build an empire showing others how they can love their hands again. Which makes a HUGE difference when you finally have the courage to flip off the world. Check out how many different manicures you can achieve at my home link ❤ (https://www.colorstreet.com/MissRubySweetCheeks).

Think about it. How are we ever going to leave a legacy for our children when all we keep doing is working our fingers to the bone. No tangible assets to speak of to leave to them so when we leave this world we make it even harder on them. The whole time we were existing you booked off and found more intriguing things to do. In the eyes of a child who is still trying to get their bearings in this world do you actually believe that you can get away with all that you do? There will be a time when all things in your past will come back to haunt you. Even if it is only for a day. Somebody will have to come and wade through your belongings trying to decide if it is worthy to be handed down or headed for the trash.

The worst kind of being is one who tries to out you for being you. I get trolled on the daily every time I am brave enough for just being me. I know what looks good and I know how to maneuver my body so they appear good in pictures just like Miss Marilyn would have had done herself. It makes me laugh truly. When women who are supposed to build each other up tear each other down because we look a different way. What kills me most is seeing girls do the EXACT same thing that I do but they unfollow me and get their friends to do the same. Is it because I am voluptuous or is it because I can clean myself up nice?

You know what that tells me? That I am doing something right so I keep on keeping on knowing that one day I will light up the night. That a troll and her friends will never amount to anything keeping on the way that they do. I love those trolls. Mad that my bunny slippers are worth more than you can even imagine in any given week? The thing with me is you can have them if you ask…that is if you were a genuine being and friend to me. I have no problems giving what I have to help out a friend. The contradiction that I am faced with is who is a ride and die to the end?

The ones who appreciate your smile and celebrate your praises that’s who!! The ones who like your pictures and tell the world that they should follow you and if they are willing they should go ahead and subscribe. It’s free truly. The only thing it costs is you may have won over a new friend. A fool and their money are soon parted unless we are together than it is all about you and me.

I would never sit back and watch another being fail. Not when I have the power inside of me to outstretch my hands and have a little faith. To live my life a little differently and encourage all beings out there to consider doing the same. You can’t get ahead paying over half your bill in taxes. How in this life could one ever get ahead? I think that is why we see a rise in sordid sex tales and even violence as everybody keeps escalating in their minds what they think others want to see. I for one like to keep the kink behind closed doors and in the bedroom but I do like to celebrate what makes me a woman and put on a show for everybody to see.

Check out my latest goal driven mani !!

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