Am I Normal?

What is this feeling that is coming over me? Am I normal or am I out to lunch with all of these facts. Maybe these facts are purely fictional or my imagination but from what I can tell there ain’t no going back.

In the face of a revolution I feel disgusted. Everything we bring to the forefront and everything it is that we are trying to hide. We want our mental state to be so apparent it’s obvious and we want to call out anybody who is brave enough to try and stand in our way.

We all destine to live our lives romantically. Fulfilling our days with activities that we deem fit. What I find hard to understand is the blatant attempt to over sexualize and under realize why it is some of do what we do and the what for.

When I see shots on my social depicting rape I don’t say anything why is it that you are determined to report lil ol me? All these sacrifices being made as you sub to your leader triggers me in all the wrong ways without you even batting an eye, but me? My PTSD and anxiety threatens to take over me. What I don’t understand is how my pot smoking triggers you even though I need this delicious elixir just to breath.

What I noticed is animals don’t run around the house banging each other and you can use the excuse that they are sterilized. True, but how many humans have undergone the knife to avoid having babies and they still find opportunities to get their rocks off and sometimes more.

Life can’t escape us as it is deemed the same for so many. We all should care more about food and shelter and our youth instead of who it is tonight we want to invite to share our bed. Our children are watching no wonder the don’t know how to identify. I have been circling here for 43 years and I can tell you I am just a little more than just confused.

I love beauty. I love the life that comes alive whenever somebody comes face to face with their passion. Helping others find their own truth and live their own pleasures goes far beyond looking for a hole in a wall that sometimes every month for no reason just begins to bleed. Creating life is the purpose and we perverted the way in which we feel and the way those words should mean.

Sex is not the answer. Although it feels good it should never be the way. We shouldn’t leave our children alone to wonder if they did something wrong just for them being there and you feeling this way. The questions will surface wasn’t I enough? Didn’t you spend your whole life wishing you could have me now I have to listen to the words you are trying to say. I couldn’t imagine engaging in dalliance’s in the afternoon like I used to. My place is at home trying to handle and maintain my whole crew.

I have 9 cats and they sure do like to sleep. You can tell that they are happy just by the way that they move their feet. What is required in order to be happy is a little bit affection and a whole lot of TLC. Just like in humans the basics need to be met. You have to fill that love tank early or find yourself scrabbling about just to try and pay rent.

Sex is weird isn’t it? Something so personal yet it means so little. Legit that is the opening to another dimension. Our babies travel to us through another portal yet we will let any Tom, Dick and Harry and sometime Sue poke around inside of us and take us for a ride. Maybe that is why we find ourselves in such a conundrum and why it is easiest trying to pay our bills while lying flat on our backs.

I get that desire and urge to want to do what you want but once you look into the face of your innocent child there will be know why on this Earth you would ever consider going back. That’s just me and I did die in childbirth. There is something to be said for my Grandmother watching over me that makes me desire to keep a level head. What if she could see what I was doing would she even understand? That activity is no longer necessary now that I have a family and landed me a man. Lol don’t hate me for saying that it’s just easier this way. Sex ruins everything and I believe it is responsible for ruining ones brain.

When it comes to sex it is what most people think about wondering when is the next time going to be that you are able to get off. You will plan a rendezvous and cheat on your spouses believing you only live once so it’s ok to do whatever it is that you want. I live in a time where a partner would rather kill their mate than get a divorce. In addition to that they will kill off their children just so they can live their life their own way. How does one do that? How is that ok? When we glorify adultery we enter a realm where anybody in our vicinity is viable and they can pay the ultimate price. As long as I am happy what I have done to get here should be entirely ok, right?

What bumps and crawls and goes boo in the night is the very energy we should be running away from. Good people don’t get off when good people hurt. Not in this reality it has most people feeling lower than dirt. It’s called a conscious that has a rehashing old facts. Did I do that for the people that I love or was I too selfish in the end thinking entirely of me?

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  1. LAMarcom says:

    “I have 9 cats and they sure do like to sleep. You can tell that they are happy just by the way that they move their feet.”

    I have made a sworn promise to no longer drop links into my comments.

    Therefore, I cannot prove to you how much I adore cats (and all animals in general–’tis Humans I seem to have problems with)

    If you have some time to waste, please take a look at my blog and do a search for ‘Lucia’…or.. ‘Charley The Cougar…’

    Great post BTW!



  2. LAMarcom says:

    P.S. I am very happy to have discovered your blog.
    I’ll be back
    Not a threat
    A promise

    Cheers! New Friend.


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