Becoming Blonde

I n ever intended to stay blonde as long as I have. It is something that just happened but when I stopped off at this color it is somewhere I have decided to stay. If only for just a little while.

My reason is simple. I have always appreciated the aesthetics of the 1950s. When first moving to Alberta and discovering this underground world I immediately fell in love. I used to stare out the windows of the gym I worked at into the Vintage store across the street. I have yet to wear the first vintage dress I ever bought I have you know. Back then the bombshells of our time were not only curvy but they were petite. Sizing yourself is hard to do so I wouldn’t even bother trying to compare. The fabric has zero stretch and a lot of items were designer made which means the sizing that we see is true to form and not factory made up.

I am not your average “Pin-Up” that just happened upon the scene. I studied the behaviours and what it really meant to be a woman of that time instead of trying to become somebody that would become absolutely unique. What we forget as we plow through our day is there is volumes to be said about decorum and class. For example. If you have nothing nice to say your best to keep your mouth shut and when you sit down at a function it is best to cross your legs. Either at the knees or at the ankles is ok but you want no public mishaps or room for wondering eyes.

The bombshells of their time were crazy, eccentric and demanding but they were able to be. They had this intoxicating energy that made it easy for them to get there way. They could lure you in like prey before biting off your head then smiling of their accomplishments they go off to read their lines for that day. I don’t like the idea of conformity but if it is good enough for them it is good enough for me.

Contemplating what my next move should be I sat there trying to decide between black, blonde or red. Black was already close to my natural color so I decided to go ahead with red. Blonde was too bold and would never suite me. At least that is what I grew up believing because that is what I have always been told. So red it was. I was born to stand out after all so the color choice made sense.

I loved it red. So did others. But every once and awhile at a car show you would have to battle the lil old men that would say colored hair isn’t really vintage. I always fought for my right to rock the brightest colors and that is how I found myself moving suddenly to blue. People sucked. The way they insisted on treating each other was horrendous. I couldn’t imagine being this callous just to make other people cry and have a bad day. So I went blue. Now that period was over so I was making the transition into something bright but first I had to wash it all out and go back blonde.

At first I thought I was going to have to wear scarves to cover up my leopard spotted hair. Remember before I was always told that blonde would never be a color I could consider in this world. Where every brunette before me was up against a force I realized the power that a bottle of peroxide could actually hold. My one regret is not doing it sooner so I could have capitalized on my youth but what I have is kahuna sized balls to live a life that. However contemplating over facts for a minute I can not help to note that those that I adore from that time who chose to go blonde never got a chance to make it to middle age. Is that where maybe I can step and help others love themselves as they begin to turn old and grey.

The clock is running out. There are not many smiles left to enjoy so if it helps for just a minute to allow myself to get carried away should I not allow myself the opportunity to kick back even if it is just for a little. Looking back on everything I always seem to have a lil bit of regrets. Even now I look at my wrinkles, my greys, my love handles and think omg what is to go next. It is inivitable that something is going to happen. I think that is where all my worry comes from. We all die in the end. Every single one of us. There is no escaping that fact or trying to hide to make it not come true. The best we can hope for is a peaceful and honourable life and doing onto others as we wish would have done onto you, or whatever that old saying is.

Going blonde was something that was never in my thoughts. Well not until I was like maybe 80. A Rose Nylund kinda affect. I will always want to emulate her and the wonderful woman she was and will always mean to me. It’s not just her. It’s all other women who came before me with style and grace whom I want to help others remember if only for one more day. It isn’t that I am not good enough. I know that I am. I just know that we are all a combination of each other whether we or alive or when it is we die.

My newest Video is about my decision to stay blonde for awhile. Please go and take a peek and like and comment want you think. Subscribing to my channel would be the ultimate. Have the grandest day xx


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