Presence of Existence

I will always believe in the power of good people and that there is no harm in asking, especially all things considering you just may get a yes even when all signs around you are pointing towards a no. At least that is what I tell myself and probably one of the more reasons why I am spoiled. I mean I do ask for everything in the hopes of getting a yes, and its a cold day in hell if and when I usually hear a no. Just kidding. But it is kinda like that around here.

Maybe it is because hearing those two letters doesn’t really bother me. I know that I can just pick myself up and keep going in the best ways that I know that I can. It doesn’t so matter the process or longevity because in my best mind I know that I am never going to give up. Also when I get treated so ridiculously if all I get is material items then I guess once and awhile it is ok to go a little over the top…right?

Look at my life truly. I don’t mean to brag but you are never alone here in this house. Sitting around with a cat on your lap or chest is one of the greatest pleasures I have come to know. My little slice of Heaven, right here, on Earth. Awkwardly I feel connected to Cleopatra and her people from back in the day. I say it with hesitation because what kind of bold statement is that for somebody to ever make.

They believed that cats were the closest reminder to the power that Gods were sad to have. They thought if a God could inhabit any life force they would pick that of a cat. They are the reason why semi feral cats became domesticated. Spoiling their beloved felines like they could bring them luck somehow. I feel lucky in my fur friends and it is believed that they have the ability to heal by the very sound of their purr. It truly makes you believe that everything comes around for a very specific reason like the dew that collects on the meadow at the beginning of Spring.

There are those beings in life that are out truly just to enjoy the very presence of your existence then there are others that will suck your soul right out if given the chance. Sometimes who we desire to be is out of our grasp and our very own reality as we fail to open up our hearts and truly see.

You have to focus on what is right in front of you and potentially all the things you may one day change. All that matters is the version you believe yourself to be and how it is you put a value on life and other living things.

Do you believe that all life is created equal? Truly? What business of yours is it to rip out somebody’s essence so they could never talk back. What other beings are capable of doing when they think other peoples backs are turned and their eyes are closed is the very thing about this living experience that makes me sick.

All I want to be is who I was born to be in the hopes that there is a chance that I can one day go back. You have to think what that could possibly mean because there is no way that we could be forced to exist in a hell with other people who didn’t give a damn about us and that is a fact.

So where could we possibly go when all this is said and done? There is no way that what happens after this is a party. When you consider what some have had to live through and how others who got their dreams cut short too. You could say life is not fair until you are blue in the face or you can try to connect with any being that is out their who in turn can be your very saving grace.

Where I live know has really enforced my belief in Ying Yang. There has to be a lil bit of bad intertwined with even just a little bit of good. We can’t have everything although it sure as hell looks like some will have it all. Maybe they will or maybe they won’t why should you care so much how hard another being falls? There is a good chance they aren’t going to think about you at all when all is said and done. That is providing that they even have an inkling of who you are. Could you imagine loving somebody your whole life who didn’t even know your name.

That could happen and I think that is why some go crazed. I just watched another true crime documentary where the crazed stalker beat out his obsessions brains. Could you imagine. I love you so much that I wish you could die. I don’t care if I can never have you I want you dead and I don’t know why. He was just a passerby at the kiosk she worked at. She let him down gently. He followed her home with her mom coming over for lunch interrupting that activitiy.

Could you imagine that feeling watching that happen to your child. Her mother said she looked at the man with the shovel in hands dumbfounded as he turned and ran to the kitchen to get a knife. He told her mother she was next as he lunged at her in that moment. I couldn’t imagine that horror that would come and over take you as you had to run in the opposite direction of your dying daughter.

That actually happened. She lived through that experience. Her life will never be the same undergoing operation after operation the very latest one was to fix her smile.

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  1. Feets says:

    I don’t think all lives are created equal but I wish they were. Many people are treated unjustly and hurt for no reason at all and it’s just sad.


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