An Evil Within

Nah I cannot do this anymore. The level to which the Universe has become desensitized is alarming and it should bring everybody in our general vicinity right down to their knees. We live in a time where World War 3 is imminent, but we want to make fun of a man who killed and demoralized 17 of his victims. The meme that is surfacing through the world wide web makes reference to how in today’s day and age Jeffrey Dahmer could not have killed anybody given how strong todays drugs are. Uhm, are you living in the same reality as me. We live in a world that is obsessed with drugs made out of a bathtub and white claw. I don’t see how it funny to make fun of his victims in such a way.

I have so many feelings about this. Mainly because the younger is failing to understand. It had nothing to do with the drugs or alcohol is victims were consuming but everything to do with his intent of his mind. Times were different in the 80’s. There was a chance that if you were a victim, you would forever be gone. There was no DNA, no street cameras to keep you safe. We were a virtual breeding ground for any sick twisted serial killer that was awoken and began to walk around.

I shudder to think that ANYBODY would be able to survive the sadistic clutches of any killer. Anybody remember Clifford Olson who immobilized young boys with a nail to the brain? These were somebody’s pride and joy and in one moment in time, because of our failure to understand,   we begin to taunt their ghosts by exclaiming what we can handle and even control.

We have glorified evil, forgotten our self-worth and even forgotten our identity as we exclaim to know everything about this world. All the laughter’s offering up their mother’s deep freeze, I wonder if they would feel the same if it was their torso hanging out in a drum of formaldehyde waiting to be banged.

When I think about life and what it is supposed to mean I can’t help but forget about how far off the mark we truly have came. I can’t glorify the evil of the world so that I too will one day feel insane. This new generation has no idea what it felt like to be a child of the 80’s with serial killers running in every Province and State. My mom’s cousin went missing in the 70’s never to be seen from or heard from ever again. Neither her body nor that of her unborn child has ever found to this day.

I wish it was just the one incident, but it was so super common back then. One of my Dad’s friends was approached by none other than Clifford Olsen and for whatever reason she is lucky to be alive today. Maybe because he changed his mind about hurting a girl. See every monster has a type to make them feel one with the world and no matter how confident you feel in your life there is somebody who will try and drag you under so that you feel the same.

How can we trust anybody these days when we are all out for number one? I mean I can’t blame anybody for that mentality as we do need to take care of what is happening inside of our minds. Honour our truths and keep the bad man at bay. I can’t promise it will be easy but even I know that every dog has their day.

My heart hurts for the Universe’s victims who have been ripped from us in such an evil way. I know that in my heart I won’t glorify evil, and I will try my best to keep it all away. Not everybody out there has honourable intentions or wants the best for each other. It’s a sad reality we live in but what else can we even possibly begin to do?

Imagine an existence where we glorify the same evil that comes after our women and our kids. Our menfolk should know better not to get involved but we all know just how stubborn they can be or what if the very evil that threatens our existence is the same child that we gave life to and vowed to always protect.

Here, close to where I live now, a 12 year old girl and her 23 year old boyfriend murdered her whole family. Up to and including her 8 year old brother. Sometimes when a crime happens in your own backyard you are privy to some sort of information that will rock your world into an early grave. What I have come to know that as this 12 year old sister lunged at her brother with the same weapon that had killed both of her parents her brother picked up his light sabre and thought it was a game. That is why all the his toys were covered in blood as he tried his best to defend his beloved sister off right before she sliced his throat.

The joke now is after 10 years we believe that she has been rehabilitated while her co accused is locked away to rot. She is the mastermind and reason behind all of this pain and was the one who determined that her brother could not even live another day. These are the people we are forced to live beside once their records have been expunged. We live with this false sense of security that they will be righteous and live to be good one day.

What about the lives taken too soon before we even had a chance to say goodbye? Why do we pay so much respect to the evil that lives on amongst us instead of trying our hardest to banish it all away? There is no place in this timeline for an evil running rampant that is threatening to take all of our livelihoods and kids. I could tell you that this is a life worth living but when I come to learn what human beings are capable of I need to believe that maybe we have gone too far in the wrong direction and there is nothing in this life now that can ever be done.

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  1. Feets says:

    I love your writing style. It’s so empathetic and emotional.


    1. Thank you so much. My Auntie used to tell me it was hard to read. I always wondered if I should stop so getting some feedback is absolutely wonderful and incredibly appreciated.

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