A Life Unheard

There is no denying that we in fact came from somewhere and in fact we are ALL descendants of the first human beings.

We have all in fact come from somewhere and I do in fact find it hard to believe that we came from apes. In fact we would have to all come from the very Gods themselves because they are in truth the first human beings. Whomever the first human being was, that is who we came from and in fact whom we one day once again will return.

Evolution. Sure. But it is more to speak of our own origins and less to be one specific domineering human being. If you think what a soul could possibly mean it is the fraction of self from where you originally came from. The risk that we see is that there just maybe one dark spirit trying to capture the very essence of you and me.

Maybe the battle we speak of happens in the stars. Heaven is to the light that we get to return to and hell, well, that is those things we like to call black holes. They do suck up anything in their general vicinity, don’t they? Never to be seen from or returned to again.

What about when stars cease to exist? When they have had their time up in the sky and are no longer Is it because somebody here on Earth no longer knows that they were once alive. We all have to be something rather celestial because both bodies are made out of hydrogen if you will.

Thinking even deeper there is a little bit of sense to these beings here on Earth that insist on surviving on just the elements. Sure I suppose it could be done but we aren’t here on Earth for that experience. The experience here on Earth is what makes us human and I think it is so unfair that some of us have to start off anything less than equal.

Sure. There must be some sort of gain or benefit to what our ancestors have sacrificed to get us here but how can we keep punishing those for circumstances that are so far out of their own control.

Yes there has to be some truth to the idea that we are made up of light and darkness because just look at what some beings are capable of and actually do.

None of this makes sense of it actually but when you open up your mind you can’t let your thought begin to lose a little bit of control. All these cover-ups and scandals truly make one sick but then don’t we have to give ourselves some of the blame for always handing over control without demanding some sort of change.

The more complicated my thoughts become the harder it is for me to decipher. It’s not like I am trying to be difficult but it is so hard for me to even put my thoughts into words for the most part. Science can prove our existence but of course it can. There would be a scientific reason for why we are here. Come to think of it science was something we invented anyways so wouldn’t it mean that life as we know it would have a deeper meaning than science could ever explain?

I hate to state the obvious but of course we are proving our theories right over and over again. What else is there for us to do? We get so bored with having a life that seems to be meaningless to the masses that we forget that the greatest meaning of life is something that is so incredibly near. You truly have to think about what is the one common thing that we all share and then keep on going from there. Take a philosophical viewpoint from theocratical reasoning and I think that the answer we are searching for is quite clear.

You know what I hate most about death? It’s that in this life it is so final. Without knowing what lays after this we have no idea if we will ever be able to see each other again. Those we valued so dear in this life will they wait for us somewhere in the heavens? Or is there a deeper, darker secret that we were never privy to know?

For example. If nobody truly liked you, and you found yourself in a sea of sharks it’s not like you would want to be swimming out in the ocean with them sometime late in the evening when it gets dark? Another way of trying to see the bigger picture is you have to imagine the furthest galaxies and beyond. I have had a lot of time to think about this and sometimes it makes sense. The idea of a tiered heaven system sounds like different types of energy patters that were never meant to unite. If you were somebody who was evil on this Earth of course you would have to walk the next life alone. That is hell. Having nobody to share the time with just sitting in darkness remembering all the evil things you had done.

Light energy rises to the top of the Heavens and reigns their light on done. It can come from anybody who is righteous that you share some sort of connection with our bond. The person with the purest heart will dictate the light rays they want to spend eternity with. Think of the milky way or a super nova and tell me where you want to spend eternity after all this.

It is true what they say we are all made of the same elements. If you have to take a look at the bare bones and our make-up our DNA becomes our story down here kind of like our imprint. Our DNA can tell us where we came from and who we once were, it shines like a beacon to remind us that we were all down here at one time or another so in essence it validates our existence. I wonder if one day we can unlock the code so that all of our stories can one day be told in full. Wouldn’t that be the most wonderful where no life lived goes unheard?


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