Toxi Mentality

I still want to believe that life should feel good, and it should feel that way for everybody. That there is too much brainwashing from those who have controlled us for far too long. They have it so easy with their puppet strings dictating everybody, but I think I need to break away from this toxic way of thinking. Ever since we are able to walk and talk, we are told how to feel and what to do. You have to wonder about that kind of mentality and who the benefit is for.

Sex sells and it will ruin everybody. We were meant for a life more than just laying on our backs and poking away at holes. The way that evil is glorified and then profited tells me and my ancestors more than anything we have ever come to know. The world will implode with this lack of identity and pure energy. How are we supposed to make our way back when we have nowhere else to go?

I think once you have a child you behave differently. Well, I think we should be moving forward then digressing backwards into this world. We forget that tomorrow is promised to the youth of our generation, and they need more of our support then we will ever come to know.

My son needs now just like he needs his dad, and I can’t trust a system that has already proved to me that it has failed. Show me we are successful beyond the realm of possibilities we have come to know, and I will kick the reality out of you just like a newly fresh dump of snow. This system is failed, and I am a witness to that. My son sits in a classroom of 19 girls and one boy, and I am told that he fits in. I am told that kids at the age know no difference between cops and robbers and ponies and princesses but gauged by how he reacts at home I can prove they have no idea in what they know.

Watching them compartmentalize my son I can see what they are doing, no wonder why we find ourselves in a non-binary limbo that started a long time ago. What they keep telling my son is that there is no difference between him and his classmates, so they make him feel awkward like he doesn’t belong in his own skin. It’s hard to watch when he comes home and has these outbursts. Not wanting to be around me or any other girl. We don’t righteous the thoughts of our babies, especially when it doesn’t fit into our obsessive needs.

That is where I get caught. When others are left to feel less than satisfactory like they will never find what they need. They will sell their soul to the highest bidder and engage in devious activities that only the devil himself could possibly like but tell themselves that they need. Sex can’t be the be all end all answer to life because that isn’t the way that some other beings behave or believe. Sex to me is the over entitled self-righteous feelings that we as a society insist that everybody needs. That is when problems arise, and hatred begins to brew because not everybody is privy to what others are so willing to engage and do.

To glorify violence burns a whole in my heart. I know that there have been others that have been forced to engage in activities that has torn their soul apart. Every time we glorify evil in this way, we allow the devil to run free. What is stopping him from coming to our children our other entities? Last night I watched a documentary where an over entitled ex-boyfriend killed his girlfriend that was trying to move on. He shot her mother 7 times who was in the car beside her. Can you imagine the audacity of such a living being. She doesn’t want you so why don’t you move on. Oh, ya his girlfriend drove him to do the deed like those two people didn’t make a difference here in this world.

Evil is here and it is running rampant all among us. We don’t care if others are being hurt as long as we are getting our rocks off and hopefully turning a profit. We don’t care what it is doing to the next generation as we believe that nobody cares. Nobody does it seems these days anyways as we engage what we can to achieve that OHHHH factor. Everything is for shock and awe until somebody loses an eye, then we look for the next victim. I keep my circle small these days because I have come to terms with what human beings will actually do.

Your best friend will rape your daughter when your backs are turned just because they can, and they earned your trust. They will take the last dollar out of your wallet and have the last cup of coffee to boot. Where we are as humans is that we have become an over entitled species and race. All we want is more than what our neighbors have never mind if we even know what to do with it.

I look towards our past because the meaning of life shouldn’t have changed. We haven’t evolved as a species only our technology has, and it has made us obsolete trying to catch up to it. We have no personality or soul when it comes to who we have become online. All we are, is one dimensional trying to reach a nerve in any which was that we can. That is what social media is all about. How can we get each other’s attention without even having to say a word. We take pictures covered in blood with fictious bruises trying to portray the victim in any way that we can. The problem with this kind of mentality is that we feed into the wrong part of the plan.

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