When Losing Hurts

The hurt that comes with losing a loved one that you may never cross paths with again is heart wrenching. I like to believe that they are out there somewhere hopefully maybe they are up there watching over me. If that idea is even possible then I best be living a life that they could proud of so that I can hear the angels sing. I know it seems like a tall order to put out there put I need to believe that sometimes the goodness inside of all of us does finally one day win.

The World is A Vampire

I would always tell it as it was with no holding. Why fear the reaper when in the end there is no possibility of ever going back. To think that we only live once and all we have is this shot. You think it would make us all want to live a little bit better instead of leaving each other alone in the dark.

In The End, Nothing Else Matters

I want to ask the Universe for so many things, but I don’t want to risk any of the lives that I have come to be close with. Does that make sense? I feel if I ask for a prosperous life filled with happiness and love that maybe one of those things that I cherish so dear may in the end get taken away. I know that one day they will all leave me and one day I will have no choice but to leave too. I hate that feeling that we are plummeting all towards nothing and there will be a time where I won’t know anybody or anything.

What’s Our Purpose?

Death is like hey there come here often do you mind if I stay, or do you want me to rip this band aide off so once again you can find your peace and live another day? One day I won’t be able to rise again and take another breath. That day is soon coming for me, and it is the uncertainty of the days that I may have left. Then it is not just about me there is so many animals here to love. I wish I had the answers and had more faith with the Universe and the Goddesses from above. What are y’all doing and do you even care? What is the purpose for any of this and is there anybody anywhere that will ever care?

Words Hurt

I am so beyond confused I don`t even know what to ask for these days. I know my partner is incapable of being nice to me and I fear that in staying here my true love will never be able to find his way. Could that even be possible all I am searching for is just one. Somebody to light my soul on fire and remind me of what all this heart ache was worth suffering for before my time is done.

Extinguish Your Flame

Honour your own light without extinguishing the flame of anybody else. There is enough fire to fuel us all into the next life but somehow, we get greedy, and we are in denial that we want to share with others and make it so that anybody else may want to feel warm and dare to dream. That’s the fear. To reach out thinking you are destined for greatness then all of a sudden you fall right on your face. That fear is enough to make us hole up inside our house and wait for the masses to pass on by us as we become quiet as a mouse. That is my fear. That the over confidence of another will break me in two. I don’t know why it seems like being nice is impossible for others to do.

A Race Lost

We are all here for a reason and need to be more kind. It shouldn’t matter who is peering around the corner and who in turn might decide to pay a little more mind. We are all on display only as fragile as we allow so why do we make it so another can confine our reality into the deeper pits of hell. Those who are closest to us are the ones we need to pay the most attention to. Think about what happens when the lights are off and what the monsters in some of us will do.

White Knuckle It

Watching him sleep I know that I am doing the best that I can and my heart swells with pride when he refers to me as his best friend. I love that guy to the ends of the Universe and the furthest depths of my soul that he will have me trying relentlessly until the day that I am forced to let go. There is nothing I won’t do to help my little man succeed and that includes everything as far as the eye can see.

Authentically Yours and Mine to Let Go

I think that is why we should move towards kindness and all the things that we cannot see. We should move with promise and attention in the hopes that we can be all the things we were promised to be and not be distracted by all the things we can feel and probably never ever see. This is the true distraction that prevents us from being all that we can be. To live in our true image and to finally be able to authenticate oneself is what we should all strive for except for we are distracted by everything else.

A Protective Shell

I am a weird life form this I already know. Fully integrated and connected to all the life forms that had come here before. I don’t look at any other living being and think that I am entitled to more. I don’t know what all this fighting is about I never cared for evening out the score. All I wanted was to live simply and happily with the animals that have made their way into my care. This is what it means to come alive and be living when the rest of the world is content in being so unconcerned and always behaving so cold.