In a Whitewashed World

Today, on this day of Remembrance we are supposed to give our thanks to the men and women who had given some sort of life service to keep our countries safe and go to war. They don’t tell you that the real battles we fight here on home soil. They want to keep you always on the lookout over your shoulder always trying to even out old score.

James Byrd Junior! Say his name again so it means something next time and remind yourself what it is we are all supposed to be fighting for. While his son was out serving his country trying to protect the rest of us from the evils of the world his dad was chained up by three white supremists and dragged him 5 kilometers to his death! Say his name so his family remembers his presence and remind us what is really important when it come to evening out old scores.

I am proud of his son for removing himself from service after his own country failed to protect the people, he loved the most. A hate crime so violent that none other than Jesse James came down to pay his respects. They all did. The KKK and the Panthers descended upon the small town of Japer when they were trying to lay their son, brother, father to rest. Could you imagine living that life? Well for some people out there this is how they lived so I think it is up for the rest of us who believe that life is worth living to help promote beauty and positive things.

There is so much more to the soldiers that we are told to honor and respect. What about the politics and the personal endeavors that left so many innocents paying with their lives it’s like we use this one day to try and make everybody forget. I don’t want to seem ungrateful for what they believed they sacrificed their lives for but look how we act now as the final disrespect. A little’s girl life was spent living behind a wall then having to watch as her sister got gravely sick and died, days before she finally succumbed to what these men in history had done to them, then we allow their flag to free flee in modern day time on home soil. I don’t think anything was learned from the lives lost on those days. Wouldn’t the way to honour them to finally turn this life thing around instead of keeping on doing the exact same things.

I heard in the news that the commissioner of NHL hockey turned down a draft pick for some racial bullying he had done. That is the action the world needs to feel and stand forever behind and let it resonate through every young boy and girl. Bad actions will stop being tolerated just because they have supposedly grown up over the years. Not every scenario warrants a forever tarnish on one’s life story but why does one deserve fame, fortune and the luxuries of a life well lived when they tormented somebody who was different than them and was reprimanded for such because that is how bad this boy’s bullying actually was.

When I think about life, I think about in all the ways that makes our lives the same over the years. Not the modernization or technology but all the stuff that modern advancements can’t take away like sanctity of family, love and marriage. All the things that we decided were the first to be thrown away.

The idea that the first two Wars were designed to annihilate another race. Men, women and children were not discriminated against when they were decided who would be next in line to be gassed. All they believed was that they were trying to impose their will and try to predetermine the best most prominent race. These are the people we have come to be after all these years. Life objective failed when we can’t seem to see eye to eye, and we would rather make the world around begin to cry.

That is why I remain silent. I stay in tune with those souls that were lost or were whisked too far away. I know I am not better than anybody. I never wanted to be. All I wanted was to try and provide a safe place for us all to come alive so there could be a softness created between you and me and we can live happy. I don’t want to see myself as any better or any worse I just want to meet somebody on some sort of common ground. Don’t hurt me and I won’t hurt you can’t we just come together and sit in each other’s presence peacefully?

I don’t want to live in a world where it become ok that these things happened. Prisoners of War were left with haunting memories and imageries then are brought back onto home soil so that their nightmares can become their dreams but that evil that they saw never goes away. It comes alive every time somebody sneers at their neighbor or flips them the bird. It’s like everybody keeps shouting insisting that it is their opinion and voice that should be heard. Compassion would stop everybody dead in their tracks because we would realize that this all would soon be all for nothing and we would have gotten further ahead in life if we just remained silent and became one with the world.

James Byrd was just another innocent bystander to lose his life to a whitewashed world. Back when it all happened hate crime wasn’t even a thought that was spoken none the less heard. White Supremacists have no place in a world where we were all supposed to be created equal. None of us have control of the body we are born into so why do we punish people for who they end up growing into one day?

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