A Hopeful Understanding

We live in such a disillusioned sate of normal that nothing we can ever do will ever hope to save our brain. Whether or not we like it we are all skyrocketing towards that day that we are all bound to die but somehow, we managed to zap the beauty out of life without a wayward glance or even the know how to even seem to care.

A bomb went off in Poland and we all wonder if that single event will ignite the next world war. You have to ask yourself why we leave these self-entitled pompous beings who are willing to lead willing innocent men, women and children off to sacrifice their lives for a selfless war. As humans we have one goal to do and that is the one thing that no other being can EVER take away. That is the loyalty and love that comes out from being surrounded those that love you that starts with family and then in some circumstances can lead to even more.

I had to crack my brain in half in order for it to begin to see what we were doing to each other. The fighting starts inside each one of us then makes it bubble and fester till it reaches the outside. We forget who it is we want to be and why it is why we were sent here and become that very fear that drives you and me.

The purpose of life and our reason for living has to be something that is obtainable to each one of us. It can’t be different just because we were born to different families of prominence or prestige or that others were just born with the luckiest of rabbit feet. We get to profit off who our parents were if we’re lucky because in modern days times that is how we add value to our cents. The fact that we have literature written by some of the greatest historians that lived through times much greater than these, but we look at them and scoff. Thing of all the pieces of history that have long been set to fire and have been long now forgotten about because some self-righteous bigot deemed within their right to deem it so.

The cycle needs to stop but we would rather continue to make fun of each other we had one mission in life and that was to learn how to co-exist. Look for the answers that are always inherently the same. Those are the things that make life worth living. Those similarities between us are what makes us the same. We all have a soul or conscious that is the driving force behind what we do. Yes, we still need to honour him/her/they but there is so much noise pollution we are no longer sure how to communicate none the less what even to do.

We expanded too fast and sold ourselves short and have devoid the meaning of living to whatever short term material item that we think may do the thing. It is sad to think how far away we have come from where it is that we want to be. What if we are stars that wish to be born into material bodies so we can do all the human things. As a star we can do nothing but look down and give all those believe in us a little bit of luck. What a beautiful thought that would be if it was actually, but we won’t know until we actually get to uncover it for ourselves and see.

I wish the answers were much simpler, but it shows us in the simplest of things. I see it in the flame of a candle or in a cat that curls up on my chest at night and decides to sing. There is so much to be thankful things but all it takes is one obnoxious human to decide to ruin everything. The fire in their eye will make them believe they are worthy, but they are the furthest from that possible thing. They are the escaped form of evil that threatens to make it, so the sun never rises in a dark sing and destroys every single living being.

That’s all it truly is. Good and evil and every reflection in between. How we decide to light up the night sky is how we decide to finally let out our emotions and sing. Will you use them for good or for evil or maybe you will try to help others find their ring. Whatever that decision it is yours to make I just hope it gets easier one day for that choice to come.

No matter what happens this I can promise you is that life as we know it will always find a will to keep going on. We may have to evolve or adjust to certain things but if there is one thing that is for certain the Universe is content on surviving and doing almost anything. If she gets tired of our existence, she can do a multitude of possible things. It is a wonder we don’t respect her more as living and live a life worthy of more beautiful beings.

Death is here and it is always looking for us wonder whose time it is for them to come and take away. I wonder when that time comes for me if it will be slow or quick like ripping off a band aide. I can’t help but wonder then want to put more good vibes out into the Universe. All I want is the life that I promised for myself before I return to one day living out in the stars…I hope.

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