Everything Else is a Distraction

Until we realize that the only task here on Earth, we have to master is a deeper understanding of self, everything else becomes a distraction.

Imagine who we would have become if we were more in tune with the Universe’s heartbeat then to hear the moans of others as they get off. What others have done to each other in order for them to be able to act this way has pushed another innocent bystander quickly into an open 6-foot grave. Not for any other purpose than they got there rocks off so who needs to listen to the whines and cries of another acting like a baby so incredibly depraved.

We all think our partners love us until we are left standing there with a knife in our backs. Their deceit will leave us cracked right open and it will leave us feeling weak in the knees. Imagine a world where we don’t want to hurt each other we truly want to see one another get ahead. Wouldn’t that be an incredible accomplishment from being so deceitful for wanting one another dead.

From a philosophical standpoint you have to go with the one common denominator that all makes sense. What is the one thing that is accessible to all of us then ask yourself who gets to profit if our own psyches and self-worth never get fed. We were designed to never get a head always robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just imagine what would happen if the ones holding all the puppet strings got called out and began to fall. Was it being lucky or being an opportunist that got some of these guys so far ahead. It doesn’t make much sense in my eyes to have some of these beings make more than me in their lifetime before they even begin to think about taking a step out of their beds. How is that fair except for who they were born to be. I don’t know if I can accept that for being gospel as long as that enquiry remains between you and me.

So, what is at risk here, what is it that you think? I know what it is that you may be thinking but let me take you mind for a spin and a wink. What if what we risk in losing is that positive energy and feelings we get when we think highly of ourselves. You know when we finally feel good about something we have said and or down that has ever nerve fiber standing up at attention sending all the feels right to our brains. What about those feels and how often do you have them? One thing is for certain I know we don’t ever get a chance to feel those things when we leave here. That has to be what makes life into the greatest gift. The ability to feel love, light and happiness and being able to participate in all of those fine feelings of bliss.

When you are at work hating your life wishing you were anywhere else but here or there you put the whole Universe out of sorts. That negative energy begins to work like a magnet that becomes more powerful the more beings you expose it too. You know what I mean. Think of a time when the grumpiest person in the room was all that you could think of and see what happened to you? Did you begin to feel all the things that they were feeling and become an even bigger grump too? You can’t help it that the negative energy works like a cancer to keep us from radiating the good energy that we were born to feel.

It’s weird right? I just see it all as being a distraction forcing us to succumb to a life that we never wanted to admit. Working a job away from our family just to make ends meet we try to convince ourselves we are content with the holidays that come maybe once or twice a year. Exhausted paying another man’s bills just so they can create more problems than force us all to go to war. I don’t want to die because of how another man has decided to run his country killing off all the things I loved and burying all the items that I acquired over the years and treasured. Makes you want to appreciate life a little bit more doesn’t it?

Succumb to all that is your own authenticity because you are only alive once and there is no guarantee that you will ever make your way back. I think that is why I like to keep a record of this life that I believe that I love so much to serve as a reminder to all that I was in this point of time. I wish I knew for sure that all this love, light and laughter will all be remembered when I finally get to where it is that I am destined to go. I fear that this is all going to be for nothing and that puts a fear inside of me that not many have experienced or have come to know.

What’s your biggest fear? Now I will tell you mine. I am scared of never knowing these lives that I loved and that I may never see them again. I know I need to work harder to honour them and help them live a life that I know that most of us have always dreamed. We all say we want a better life for the next generation, but do we have any sort of inkling what that could all mean?

I used to be young filled with so much hope and promise now I am scared that my time is ticking louder than it has ever ticked before. What if something happens to me does this life that I have lived now all becomes nothing? Did I spend too much time being distracted instead of living the life that I was born to live for?

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