Become the Weird

Have you given much to the life you have lived and what if anything you may have done differently? Maybe you have succumbed to the idea that the Universe has a master plan or maybe you are one that has dug in your heels insisting you now the only way, no matter what it is and where it is that we are going there is no escaping our destination once we finally get there.

So, I am ready about Grimoire’s, I know my lust for knowledge has taken me down this path, and I can for one say that I am quite intrigued. First off, I understand why so many risked the sea of purgatory as they were an outline for the lives that so many of us were actually destined to live. A Grimoire is a record of your own spiritual journey, path and reflection which would be an incredible gift to bestow upon your next of kin, wouldn’t you think?

Imagine the stones left over turned that we would no longer have to bother with knowing that our lives so mirror the lives that were living at some time before. The transgressional path we all find ourselves on leaves the majority of us weak at the knees. Think about it. If we can’t take any of us with us is there anything about this experience that we can actually keep and take away?

It has to boil down to family and all those beings that we one day have to leave behind. It is hardest for them not knowing where we are going but we try to do our best to ensure they are loved before we make the long journey home. The love and laughter we experience here on Earth has to be worth its weight in gold. We wouldn’t want to keep on experiencing all this if life was really as bad as some of us are told.

So, evil comes for the righteous and innocent so they can take them with them to the other side. I don’t believe that that is quite how it works but I guess I will find out on the day that I die. Why we need to live righteous and by being kind is so that we have a little bit more control when we finally get to where we are going on the other side. If somebody is good why would evil be forced upon them, it wouldn’t. That is what is meant by you create your own personal hell your soul is damned and spurned into isolation by all the awful things you did when you are alive. Why on Earth would you be welcomed by those you hurt when you finally close your eyes and begin to say your goodbye?

There is something more going on here than just Math and Science. Sure, I know that science can prove almost everything, but I suppose when it comes to life there would have to be a reason. There would have to be a reason, but you can’t deny that we one day all of a sudden come to life.  Who knows how we all ended up being here and if the dinosaurs were really killed by a meteor shower. How can we say for certain when we are having trouble proving even the simplest of things.

It’s strange, isn’t it? How some live a life of luxury some are born into deplorable poverty without much reasoning that is just how life happened to be for those who came alive that day. Imagine if there was a line we stand in as we are handed down our lives and if we were just a second longer maybe we could have been born with all the nice things. Maybe the Universe would have shone down on me like I was the next big thing or master of truths, but my life never ended up that way. I am me and there is no way I can ever change that entity or ending.

Life is coming hard at me, and I am staring her right back in the face. Haven’t I done enough already or is there still some time for me to save room for grace? I made my mistakes and I have tried to make them right doesn’t mean the bad man needs to keep coming for me in the middle of the night. I am sorry for the times when I didn’t understand but I am trying to do the right thing. I have no idea where it is that I am going or if it even makes sense to go back and start back at the beginning.

Why wouldn’t we return to where we came from because it is the only thing that makes sense. Let’s hope that our origin of life still wants us when we get there or maybe they will send us back to Earth again and try to get it right. Maybe that is where reincarnation comes from. You’re an *sshole get out of here until you get it right. I don’t want to share my galaxy with you no more. You are nothing but a super nova that is about to explode and turn off the lights.

You have to see the weird. You have to believe in the weird. You have to become the weirdest thing that life has ever seen. What I know I know for certain and that is that if you conform there is no chance of ever changing a dang thing. There are those that just want to get to know you so they can suck out your soul and leave you gasping for your last breath. There is no telling what will happen to you if they get a hold of you that is why it is in your best interest to always try and stand out.

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