Where We Began

Imagine a time when all of this we made never existed, then ask yourself do we truly live in the land of the free? Sure, it makes sense that we have to title off parcels of land to stop each other from fighting with each other but how do we ever get to acquire enough so we can live comfortably?

I will always maintain and believe that we have to find the commonality that those that oppose us can never take away. What sets us aside from the evils of the world or do we all become something festering when we finally make it to the end. When the scales are out, and our life is being weighed out is there anything left on the table that we may have left out?

I try but anger is a part of me. I seem to have acquired him as a side kick since I was a young teen. I was bitter and resentful for the card of hands I was dealt and didn’t little to absolutely nothing to tips the scales of life in my favour. I was attracted to those who had no future and hung around them like seagulls attracted to trash. Never satisfied and always wanting more.

Now you have to believe that we all are connected to the first living beings that has ever inhabited the Earth. We couldn’t have dropped out of nowhere, so it seems, we all have crossed paths in a previous lifetime or maybe the next. What we can’t deny is the source to which we came which makes the most sense if you think an evil among us was out there trying to corrupt the game. To win somebody over to the dark side so you can get the fame seems to be the nature of life how I wish we could all see that we are the same.

What we can’t deny is that we need two partners in order to sustain our livelihood and live out our good name. You can’t make something come alive without one of two essential things. This in no means makes the good genetic make-up for a decent human being or even a parent this is just what is needed in order to make two cells come together and start to breathe.

I think that is why there was the marital bond made between two people. It was a commitment to the family to be had so that both parties could feel safe and secure when they laid their heads down to fall asleep. You have to be able to trust yourself with those that you find yourself keeping company around and you can’t deny that there are those out there that are capable of incredibly despicable things. Think of the vows we made to each other it was so all parties involved could take a deep sigh of relief. I found somebody who will love, honour and take care of me when I age out and have to forever turn out those lights.

The further we get from our own life source the more delusional this may all begin to seem. Why am I here and what is the reason I should care for when all I can see, and feel is the pain that is forever surrounding me. This moment is all that we can live for because in a blink in an eye it can all be gone. The happiest moment of two people’s life becomes long gone and forgotten. To some it is just another reality or maybe was it all just a dream.

I feel so sad when I think what is about to come and wonder who in my circle is the one who is about to go next. Do they immediately get connected back to the source that brought them here or do they have to pay some sort of penance for what they did here in this life? Bad behaviour can’t be rewarded just like the evil that comes alive in man can never win. What some beings are capable of doing should be the glaring red A that ignites u in the room.

I think the hardest thing is in knowing that we have the honor the essence that is from within. We need to have a strong sense of faith and realization that what we are striving so hard to experience is something that is within all of our reach. It is the disillusioned state of glitz, glam and fortune that needs to keep us on pins and needles as we step on other people’s toes.

Imagine having your life cut short for just wanting to embrace the being deep within. The strong sense of self that you wanted to experience while alive is the very same thing that gets on another being’s nerves. Who wins? Nobody should ever be made to feel inferior or that they can never measure up, but nobody has the right to feel irritated or offended for a being who is just trying to find their own and come into self.

We should be able to say our piece without another being having to feel offended, but life isn’t always like it is supposed to be and that is when the true hate begins to set in. It’s like I hate when others glorify and try to shine a positive light on rape like it isn’t somehow incredibly offensive. Showing off your body and loving who you are is different than succumbing to another’s will and vicious demands. It’s like before you get to portray that villainy as an artform maybe it is something you should have to live through and experience except i wouldn’t want to expose my worst enemy to that feeling I just wish that they would go away. I know that those beings don’t return to the light that I came from so I should be mindful of their experience and good name.

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