Authentically Yours and Mine to Let Go

Our reality is that most people only serve us for a very particular reason, and it is ok to let go of them after that season but we as humans are conditioned to never let them go.

Think about it, quantity over quality. You need to have enough friends to fill a ballroom or more never mind the daggers in their eyes or the venom that always has a way of escaping from their lips. I stopped giving those a reason to come for me and defeat me. I keep those that I cherish close to me and always on the know. What is the sense of flapping lips and having loose gums when all people seem to care about are the color of your teeth.

When you are exposed to a community of highly venomous snakes you run in fear too scared to stick around because of their toxic bite. What has been said among friends have now become foes and your trashy business everybody knows. Who do you trust when there is so many coming around? The answer is quite simple, and it is so easy to be found.

Ever get caught off God because somebody you didn’t quite know was asking you about your business? What does that tell you? Who can you trust? Why did they care to know so much about you and more to that why did they care too even remember? Kind of toxic, isn’t it? Like once they heard about you your confidence and happiness that you acquired, they desired, and they plotted your demise and how they had planned to take all of that away.

Even though at times I feel lonely I know that I am better off alone. What I learned that I can’t handle is the fall out that comes when other people know your truth and want to slander your good name. I never did anything about me so I think it is so odd that others would want to treat me in such a way, but they do. They take one look at me, and they decide that I am the one person in the room that always had to go.

We don’t need a million followers or friends do we? What would be the sense of always wanting more? Human nature drives us to feel that way so then or life begins to feel sore. The idea of death sounds so daunting. I am scared for whatever it is that we might have in store. How can a life that was once so promising and beautiful be reduced to absolutely nothing with no hope of ever being more.

I think that is why we should move towards kindness and all the things that we cannot see. We should move with promise and attention in the hopes that we can be all the things we were promised to be and not be distracted by all the things we can feel and probably never ever see. This is the true distraction that prevents us from being all that we can be. To live in our true image and to finally be able to authenticate oneself is what we should all strive for except for we are distracted by everything else.

So what do we with all those beings that seem to be far more distracting than the value to us that they bring? Let them keep on getting close to us so they can forever prevent our heart from feeling anything I think I will do the opposite of what most people desire to do and turn and run away. What is the sense keeping those around who already see the tarnish in your crown when you can find some other being who will accept you for your dullness and find a way to help you shine. At least that is my hope. I am a constant observer of those who claim to adore, love and respect somebody. If that is how some beings treat those that they claim they would do anything for here is where I will have to say that I am sorry as I high tail it for the back door.

So, I am ok with having to say my goodbyes to those type of beings who only hang around these days so that they can see me cry. Why it always has to be this way will forever make me sigh. Maybe it is easier for entities like me not to get attached because I know that where I am going, I don’t ever want to go back. Look for the things that no man can ever take away and that should tell you very simply all that you ever will need to know.

Think about those whose life escaped them for no other reason than them trying to breathe. You think it doesn’t happen, but I can tell you that it is so. Just look at all the innocents that have been slaughtered destined to a shallow grave filled with others not even feet below. It’s like when I think about those whose last meals were nothing but slop, how can we make their energy feel a little bit better instead of haunting us we can hear them sing.

I think that is why it is so important to live your life authentically without stepping on anybody’s toes. You wouldn’t be a bother to anybody if they were focused instead of carrying on with that energy that anything in life is possible so any kind of deplorable action, I want to engage in goes.

I am worried about the future and for our children’s identity if we keep carrying on the way that we do. There is no honor in glorifying abuse in any angle and I think that is what drives a wedge in between me and others I suppose. To be victimized at such a young age makes you vow that it will never happen again. I think that I would rather live in isolation then having so many so-called friends.

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