Extinguish Your Flame

There is no confusing that we all have the same 24 hours interwoven into any given day and it is up to us to decide on how to use it. Easily overcome with frustration when they day that I had planned out in my head doesn’t much my desired outcome how can I continue to stop the tears from forming and potentially allowing other people in the Universe see my cry. I am easily swayed by all the glitz, glamour and baubles no matter how hard I try to tell my heart not to be that way so I am trying to slow down and live each day with more purpose and attention, but it is kind of hard where I find myself living to even begin to think that maybe I can live this way.

I slowed down my thinking completely going back to a time where much around us was simpler and where more of what we were wishing for finally comes into fruition so we can have our say. Think about how we start our day. Do you give thanks to the deity that has come forward and chosen to wake you or do you go forward with your day in such a furry because your alarm didn’t go off and you are bound to be late.

Imagine if you greeted the rising son as the Earth turned giving your thanks for the blessings and to be greeted with yet another day. I am trying to be more forgiving with the tasks that I am unable to accomplish instead of beating myself for the things that I didn’t get to because life as we know it always has a way of interjecting and seemingly always getting in the way. Give your thanks for the what the day can potentially unfold instead of thinking of all the ways that something bad can happen learn to move forward with that promise of a new day. At times it will always seem impossible, but we have to believe that the Universe knows what she is doing as she always leaves us wondering always hoping and wishing for me.

At times I feel overwhelmed because I am always falling behind and I couldn’t imagine my life of service working towards paying another man’s bills. I have a 3-bedroom house that is always needing to be cleaned with pet bowls and litter dishes next in line if you know what I mean. How does one determine what is next on the list to do? I think that is determined by you and only you. Right now, I do feel a little bit frantic, but I have to remind myself of all the good things. At least nobody in my world died this week and, in our reality, maybe we can one day learn to let go and sing.

What I am most thankful for is the day I was deemed worthy of enough of being a mother. Everything since then has been a steppingstone to our final destination and I can’t help but wonder all the things that the Universe will have in store. I need to stop resisting the path less followed and begin to realize that this is the path that has been set out for me. There is no honour in those beings who are always out for number one making it impossible for anybody around them to even breathe.

Honour your own light without extinguishing the flame of anybody else. There is enough fire to fuel us all into the next life but somehow, we get greedy, and we are in denial that we want to share with others and make it so that anybody else may want to feel warm and dare to dream. That’s the fear. To reach out thinking you are destined for greatness then all of a sudden you fall right on your face. That fear is enough to make us hole up inside our house and wait for the masses to pass on by us as we become quiet as a mouse. That is my fear. That the over confidence of another will break me in two. I don’t know why it seems like being nice is impossible for others to do.

I am the mother of a future king, and I am going to raise him as such. I am going to show him what it means to be courteous and to be worthy of so much love. That there is no such thing as quantity when it comes to finding love, that everything we have been hoping for will be sent to us straight from above, but we need each other and the strong mental mind to get there. Not just anybody will do but the ones that help you light up the room. The ones who sing your praises when you are not around. The people that I am speaking of are rare and at times are nowhere to be found.

I know I don’t make much sense but either does life. All I know is we work towards something without any rhyme or reason all we do is go forward with no problems or hesitation. Think of it. Our whole lives we are told to do the same things. Get a good education. A high paying job. Pay your taxes with your nose down and don’t say a damn thing.

How did we get here and where are we going? Were we meant to be so material, or can we learn to bend the Universe a tad in our favour? Is it as simple as honoring her and giving our thanks to a life form and entity that no matter how hard we try we can never give back. Maybe we aren’t meant to give a physical asset like it is the next best thing, maybe we are destined to light up the night and find a way to make it possible, so our heart always sings.


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