What’s Our Purpose?

I wish life made more sense than what we consistently make it out to be. It’s like we ground that definition into the ground faster than we can say me-ow and there is no turning back.

I am all for self-expression and whatever that looks like to the eye of the beholder. If you don’t like the way somebody looks then walk it away. How is it fair that some are allowed to live their mundane lives of mediocracy while other beings run the risk of having their freedom forever ripped away.

Think about titles. Why do we need them. Why do we have to define each other in such a way. I think all these labels that we insist on having is just another opportunity for evil to have it’s say. Think about it. There is no honour in thieves unless it’s your cousin then you will turn a blin eye faster than anybody in the world would ever hope to see. Just as long as it isn’t impacting us directly who cares if another being rises to live another day.

What I have seen has sent me scampering to live out my days in my home. At least it is safer inside here then the outside world, I fear. Too many opportunistic individuals who just want to dull your shine citing fake prophecies so they can be believed and have their say.

You don’t have to imagine you can see it in front of you it is all for you to be believed right there. What has happened to us has been designed to dull our senses as we become complacent to a totally undeserving world. There is true evil which comes for us without rhyme or reason at times during the night but then there is the trickles of it that seeps into from the days before that will get all the hairs on our neck to stand at attention letting us know that something out there isn’t quite right.

It’s like when we got to this realm of reality all we had to do was live our lives and live them subtly until somebody else’s evil ideas got crammed inside our heads. Why do we care so much about receiving accolades and wayward attention when we can’t even take any of it with us long after we find ourselves dead.

To live without a purpose would be the most disheartening experience but so many of us do. We get confused by the ideas and life that was laid out for us questioning everything until we take our last breath and hear the last bird sing. Where do we go when we die will burn a hole inside me brain and I will tell anybody who listens this is why I turned my life around and desire to do the right thing.

No matter what you believe I do believe that some of us have this idea that there must be something out there. Somewhere for us to go and receive comfort when we leave this world and die. How cruel would it be that this life we lived for nothing, but we will never know where we are going till, we get there, and we can’t even tell a damn soul or thing.

My drive to live the good life comes from a place where I acknowledge that there are some beings out there that no longer can. Even though I didn’t know them in this life I like to honour them, letting them know how sorry that man has failed them once again. Right? How can I honour somebody I don’t even know or have no connection with this I just have to know! It’s just an idea or wish that I make up in my head to let them know I see them, and their life wasn’t here for nothing. That I hope that there are angels to rectify all the things that went wrong. That I can’t help but wonder in all the ways we as humans have done them wrong.

When an adult hurts a child, I can’t help but cry. Every fiber in my being needs to know the answers right now somebody please tell me why. Take those monsters who would rather kill their wife and children then get a divorce and do the right thing. Why is this one being the be all end all who gets to decide everything. I can’t imagine looking into the eyes of a child I once loved and throwing them into an oil vat to drown, then we keep these monsters alive for no purpose other than in life we like to keep this type of evil around.

I know that I need to be thankful as I greet each day in morning but there is something so bittersweet about that. I also know live in the moment and all that jazz but what happens to us when it is all said and done, and we find ourselves dancing that last dance? Death has become my friend as he sits himself down and decides to have a cup of tea. What we have been forced to endure as a family is more than the average being in this lifetime will ever be forced to have to see.

Death is like hey there come here often do you mind if I stay, or do you want me to rip this band aide off so once again you can find your peace and live another day? One day I won’t be able to rise again and take another breath. That day is soon coming for me, and it is the uncertainty of the days that I may have left. Then it is not just about me there is so many animals here to love. I wish I had the answers and had more faith with the Universe and the Goddesses from above. What are y’all doing and do you even care? What is the purpose for any of this and is there anybody anywhere that will ever care?

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