The Cost of War

Today is the day that when we awake, we will finally know the price tag that we have put on humanity. Well not so much we but those who feel we are inferior, the price for one human life is the thousands of lives ended at the hands of only just one man.

The beloved US government just put a bounty on each citizen’s head when they announced to the world, they had hundreds working on Brittney Griner’s case, and I quote, “We see this as a huge win.” You do? How can you possibly? You just made it clear how absolutely naive we all seem.

We should not be cheering at the release of one woman who travelled to another country and desecrated on their laws. That is what it has always been about. Out of respect for the country that paid you and not leave your diaper out on their front lawn. Did you know that the US couldn’t throw the Lord of War at Russia fast enough, but they wanted her to sit in prison and think about what she had did. Not one person should be above an entire countries’ cultures.

In my eyes you just made ONE person feel above 335 million citizens in your country now what do you think the fallout from a trade like this could mean? I couldn’t help but notice that the sunrise was a bright red. It made me think of bombs falling and all the other things that fall out of the sky that could possibly crush our heads. Where do we draw the line? We didn’t even bat an eye when it came to Mao Zedong’s The Great Leap Forward Policy which was responsible for killing 45 million people, so am I surprised that we traded one of the Greatest Arm Dealers for somebody like Griner, no not all.

So, what does this mean for society? It means we will do everything it takes to become somebody so us to can be above the law. That we want to be able to travel abroad and do as we please and annoy everybody and there should be no retribution just ha ha’s.

So, what if she travels to Islam and engages in pre-marital sex. Who do we trade to the Islamic nation that could possibly even save her head. We have to be respectful of another countries culture instead of bailing everybody out. I don’t sh*t in anybody’s backyard so why is it ok if somebody comes to sh*t in me? Let me tell you, you think there would be a law about desecrating on somebody’s lawn outside but remember when my son was 6 months old, we had that man living in our shed outside? We were renting at the time, so the landlord had rented out the space. He wasn’t supposed to be living there by any means but hard times sometimes something has to give, until I saw him squatting on my lawn then I just needed out. The city couldn’t do a damn thing.

What it cost for the loss of humanity was one CBD vape pen. One individual went and thought they were the be all end all, above it all and could carry on as they wished on another man’s soil. One word comes to mind trespassing, and I think that she was given the appropriate time. In my eyes she will always be the symbol for what it meant when the US finally admitted they were a coward and got down on their knees to succumb to the Russians. Every man that lost their life because of the trades that were conducted by the Lord of War have now been determined their worth and value. A piece of a vape pen because you would have to divide it up. There is no telling the carnage that has been dealt out because of the reach of just one man.

To me it has never been about the drugs it has been about the blatant disrespect. That is why he kept her in for as long as he could then he traded to the US when it made the most sense. It was no longer fun watching this star beg and cry so it was time to get back who he really wanted to make sure that 2023 would go off without a hitch.

As for Brittney well it wouldn’t surprise me if she ended up back in the headlines. Have we even considered what would happen to an ego that has just been traded for one of the biggest war criminals EVER!! I don’t know about you, but it would be really hard not to let the air on you reek. THAT’s a big deal so of course you are going to start believing you are above it all. You kinda believe that a little to begin with how else you could go to another country and do what you did.

Let me share something with you that leaves me vulnerable too attacks. Today as I did my morning ritual, I felt so moved I couldn’t help but begin to ask the Goddesses and Deities why, specifically Isis. What was happening here on Earth was hurting too much I can’t believe that this is the way people down here want to live. That I am sorry that there is so much pain in suffering in the world and I am not sure what I can do to even begin to make things better. I knew it would be harder for her to watch so I asked to see her pain through my eyes, and you won’t even believe what happened. Somewhere, somehow from out of nowhere I got peppermint essential oil in my eyes and that sh*t stings.

It hurt so bad but then I knew what was happening I was seeing her pain through my eyes and let me tell you it hurt like a b*tch. Even as I am writing this I cry, and I can’t believe we as humans we do such horrible things. All we had to do was one thing and that was to live life and play nice. I think that is why it hurts so much because for most humans we are incapable of doing even the most mundane of things.


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