The Promiscuous Prude

We live in the strangest of timelines. That the more promiscuous we are the more accolades one will receive. Forget the tales of women’s liberation and human suffering. We eliminated that all because it was too triggering for some.

It is ok to be a strong woman until you being strong, directly interferes with somebody else. The way you talk or wear your hair brings up memories of a time in their life of a way that something just had to be and because they weren’t strong enough for them to stick up for themselves back then they call you out instead. For nothing but being there you have now become collateral damage. And I for one don’t have time for all this nonsense in a moment in time where we have seemingly lost all control.

I heard it best this morning. What we are looking for most in this world it is best if we try and find that answer out for ourselves. If we are looking for ways to connect to the spirit world, why aren’t we going on about it ourselves. Ever since I went up to the sky and was reunited with my Grandmother my course on this plain has been different. I try not to take too much for granted, all things considering, I should be content with all the things that I have been given.

What I think is fascinating about magick and all the things that come with ritual practice and positive affirmations is that it might have been the one truth that the settlers would never admit ever into being. The more you read and submerse yourself into that culture the more you can deny to oneself how you actually feel and a twinge of how you came to be.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results. Don’t you think we have all lived this rat race long enough and it may just be time to start engaging in something else? Here we have become content living on top of each other and I am just curious as to when this freeloading may go on no longer and be forced to stop. Rome was never built in one day, or was it? We no longer care of what happened behind us as long as our life force is intact and will forever go on.

You see, I don’t want to engage in adultery or acquire a mass of sexual partners. It maybe what is going to work for some beings, but it was never going to work for me. I have too much on my mind to lay flat for any length of time. Besides I think I know who I was made for and in the absence of them I can pay no others any mind. In my mind I feel that if I can’t go back to how it used to feel when times were simpler, and I was happy then it is a feeling that I don’t need to have. I don’t need to engage in anything that is sub-par when I was made to feel the divine energy between two people instead.

The only seggsual revolution I care about is mine and I think that I may have evolved further than a daily need of getting my rocks off. Maybe it doesn’t make me any more human than what I have believed and if that is the case then there is a chance that I may have gotten it all wrong. What is most important to note here in any case is that this moment in time was designed and built successfully for you. There is no wrong or right way to live your life as long as it doesn’t impose on anybody else’s toes. What make so glorious is the freedom to choose who it is in this life we so desire to be.

I know at times I seem judgey but at times I can sure you I am not. I was hurt by man and woman alike, so I am hesitant when it comes to any new people that I meet. I don’t want to be somebody’s punching bag or just garbage that in the end they can throw out. I want to be somebody on my own accord with very little or no clout. I am who I am no matter what others are saying about me and that is just a hard truth I learned to accept then move along in my own way and put those hater’s on ignore. Why engage in anything negativity and heated anyways? That energy has never served me before so why would I think that this time would be different? Those moments seldom last.

Today’s times so that I much more of an ogre for being a prude then for minding my mind. That it is not ok to carry on the way that I do I must be a slut then a mom and housewife that just enjoys what it is she is going to do. That I would rather look for the truth in this life than continue wasting time. I wouldn’t be so bothered at times but there is always somebody lurking trying to take away what is mine. I gave up a lot to be here and I think that is what hurts the most. I can never get my legs to move fast enough. There are no hopes of ever being able to outrun a ghost.

Throughout time it is the good women that finish last. It seems we all had an uphill battle to face that kept us from getting anywhere all too fast. That there would be evil coming from every which way, and it would take an army to ignite inside of us until we were finally strong enough to formulate our own words so that we can finally end this story and have our say.

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