Burned Alive

Could you imagine being burned alive? Now imagine the person pouring gasoline on your car and setting your car ablaze all while believing you were unconscious in the backseat, now imagine that person calling you a friend.

I can’t even imagine. The video footage is all there. A beautiful 19 year old girl just going about her day until she decided to spend that day with the wrong friend. Innocent till proven guilty right? What if everything you were saying was caught in a lie? What is more circumstantial than the burned victim standing right in front of you who ineligible words being used to until the knot from her friends noose.

Jessica Chambers can I say your name? And I will link to your mistrial because in your world life will never be the same. (https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/01/us/jessica-chambers-mistrial/index.html). Each one of us is responsible because we allow this type of behaviour to occur. There is no reason to blame the victim and her family in this case because in my mind nothing we do in this life should ever result in our death and that includes being set on fire. Just imagine somebody you love being torched in this way wouldn’t you want to see justice served if you could survive your emotions to live that day.

Why this matters is because we trust our babies with our friends. We trust that they are able to decline another advancements without having to be met with violence or having to pay the ultimate price. She was allowed to say no you know. Her text messages confirmed that she did. I guess the lesson that can be learned from this terrible tragedy is to be weary who it is we call our friend. A true friend wouldn’t want to torment you with explicit sexual advances and messages. No. They would understand that you had a boyfriend and it wouldn’t matter if he was incarcerated and locked away. His charge was only for burglary so he was almost on his way out. He was devastated with the news from the inside out so it was easy to rule her criminal boyfriend out.

All I can think about is she was allowed to say no and why she went on to hang out with this guy we will never know or have our day. The facts are obvious.  Their cellphones pinged on towers indicating they were always side by side. The only time they stopped pinging together was shortly after she died. ALL of his steps were recorded. They sat in his driveway for 30 minutes before CTV cameras caught her car driving away. They never left the car. He never got out. What they have on cellphone tires is him running back to his house where he kept a full can of gasoline in his garage to power up his dirt bikes. His phone was logged going back to the burn site right before he light it up. Then he ran back to his sisters because he needed to borrow her truck.

Right? What else can one do after making advances and getting shut down. You became enraged with violence then you tried to cover it all up. Why you needed the truck is you needed to go back to the neighbouring town to establish an alibi even though you and Jessica were just at the Taco Bell a couple hours before. Nothing at all makes sense. Not buying a debit card for your girlfriend or even the last text message you sent. “I can’t see you tonight Bae my girlfriend is coming over,” you only sent it because you knew Jessica would never see it so why not give it a try to see if that will cover your tracks.

The mistrial occurs because with all this evidence of him being the last person with her 5 minutes before she dies as she is being hooked up to life support she whispers a name. Erik or Derrik is what the responders have said that they have heard. There is nobody who is connected to her with that name so it is believable that everybody was mistaken or the her ennounciation could have been off. She was so severely burned she barely even had lips. Soot escaped as she spoke that is how severe the burning was. She just talked to her momma just minutes before. It is very hard to believe that in a second she was forever prevented from walking through that door.

I can’t imagine that level of hate so like the investigators said it had to be somebody she knew.  Nothing else makes sense, nobody else was with her how can we make this better for all those she knew? We can’t can we? We had one job to do and that was to bring her killer to justice but with the lack of a confession I don’t think we will ever get a verdict for who did this. We know who did this, who can believe all of his lies. The only time he came clean with anything is when they put the black and white truth in front of his eyes. He knew he was caught. You could tell by his rage. Right there in the room after the detectives left he grabbed what was on the table and began to throw it around. He was mad. Obviously over not getting what he wanted. What would it take another victim to get in his way? Oh wait a second because that is EXACTLY what this monster did.

Where is this monster now? He is serving time behind bars for stealing 2,000 dollars. Oh but he did after killing an exchange student, Ming-Chen Hsiao. Her body was discovered on the day he was getting married. Maybe he did it to pay for the wedding, you can’t tell me that his wife had no idea what kind of man he truly was. He was caught on camera withdrawing money from her ATM. Sure the motive is entirely different then the previous but it is telling as he was confident because he already had gotten away for one and that one was his friend. Somebody he knew. If they couldn’t connect him to his friend then what hope would they have in this one, is what I am sure is what he thought. He obviously never imagined a future where he would end up caught.

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