This Is The End

I can’t. I think Jim Morrison said it best when he sang the end. “This is the end, Beautiful friend, the end.” I think he saw a foreshadowing of who we as humans we were meant to be and he couldn’t handle it. The darkness that he was exposed to was enough to lit a fire in his eyes and destroy his soul. We didn’t acknowledge his warning though. He went full steam ahead into annihilation without even blinking an eye.

Take sex. Why do we want to expose it so everybody knows just how we feel. The tantric affairs that we expose just so that we can feel fame and the heat from another beings thighs. Working in and out of a well paved path to destruction, nobody in the general vicinity has a chance of ever getting out of here alive. What will happen to them when they are old and all washed up? What happens to those bag of bones that rattled together over all these years? What I am jealous over the most is those partners with history. Those beings that held on together no matter what was thrown at them and refused to let go. I don’t want my future to look like a discount bin of past partners. I would rather keep my value up so my energy becomes worth its weight in gold.

So I have had this thought. There has been more than one person on my feed that is more than cringe worthy. I mean every thing they post just turns my stomach in such a way. Are these memes actually funny to anybody…I suppose so because if they weren’t she wouldn’t have so much on display. For me I want to support everybody because we need to be able to shine in our own way. The problem I have is that it curdles my stomach every time I see a new reel or video and I can’t help but wonder why she keeps everything on display. I guess too each their own right? I just know how real her reels are. So much so that she tried to weasel her way into one of our friends situations whom is already married. Her eyes get wide as diamonds if you know what I mean.

Knowing this one fact puts me on edge. Does she proposition anyone that shows a little hash rosin or even weed? Sex sells right? I sure hope it doesn’t. I haven’t been able to look at her the same since I found out that she insists on acting this way. It’s not a portrayal of a character this is who she is in life. I guess when times are desperate but she should know better than trying to come between a husband and wife. Is this is who we are about now always trying to get the edge in? I think I more than fine standing alone over here. Loyalty is something that means something to me and I don’t care who finds out.

My standards are high because I know my own worth. I don’t need to put it all out on display consistently I can chose when and where and who I want to do. I don’t need to try and arose anybody to pay my bills because it is my life and I will control when I am about to get off. I don’t need to entice anybody to believe in who I am and where it is that I am going because I now that deep down I will always be enough and I just need to bring that mentality out more. Why bother being waste deep in a trash can when you can light that dumpster on fire and be gone.

They say the only thing in life we can’t chose is our family but I call complete and utter BS. Why do you need to stick around those who could care less about you. I mean the ones who wouldn’t even piss on you if you were on fire probably because they were the ones who lit the match anyways. Those closest to us have the potential to hurt us the most and they usually do.

“Can you picture what will be?
So limitless and free
Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand
In a desperate land”

Why does it seem that most talented are the most troubled? That the ones with the greatest messages are the very first to be taken away. Imagine your life over at 27 just when you were getting ready to manifest your dreams and make them come alive. They listed is cause of death of heart failure but with no official autopsy the rest of the world will sit and wonder, wondering how this can all be.

I wanted to include his song because the words and message contained are very valuable and therefore very important. It is not every day that a being has the strength and courage to send out their words in the hope that one day the world will perceive their message. It has never been lost on me how many of those who cared about us were taken away too suddenly all because they lived their lives in the mainstream. I for one am hopeful that those stars among us have ignored all their insecurities and dared to dream.

It’s hard though isn’t it. When the light that we finally get some sort of comfort from finally extinguishes itself out and leaves. That’s what chokes me up. When I finally begin to believe in something and then it becomes shattered at my feet. What was all that worry for anyways when there will be a time when we longer breathe. All we can do is live and be grateful for this moment and stop trying to pervert the definition of how it is we are meant to live. To each their own as there will never be anyone going back.

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