Imagine an Existense

You know what I find so incredible? That a long time a go, and I mean very long, a baby was born. Not just any baby. A baby that would grow up so kind and so righteous that he would serve as a beacon for how others should aspire to be.

Imagine an existence so forthcoming that your very own existence becomes idolized for reasons you will even fail to see. All you have ever wanted was to show others that in trying times that you can find salvation if you find a way to change your perception and look inside of you instead.

Imagine an existence were instead of being mean you were kind. Instead of laughing at a friends outlandish outfit why don’t you find a way to compliment and adore. Be amazed with the courage it would take to come forward in a time of pure mundane existence instead of fading into the background accepting being common placed and ignored.

Imagine an existence where you would share what you have. Even if it was the last that you had to offer and you weren’t even sure if there would be a possibility of you ever getting more. In times where people were starving and not sure where their next meal was coming from you would more than willingly give them yours.

I believe there was a time when kindness reigned supreme until a gaggle of villainous monsters realized that they could profit off of all of our dreams. There used to be a time where we would trade for others specialized goods. It wasn’t to obtain a profit or to acquire more it was simply an opportunity to trade in your excess so that you and others in your community could live happily with variety to keep all of our bellies full.

It seems incredible doesn’t it to think how fast times have changed. There used to be a time where you would travel for miles just to see anybody now all you have to do is turn over your phone. I can’t believe how shorter time feels now that we keep such close tabs on it.

It’s like we were never meant to imagine an existence where people were kind. Once the child was found in a manger the power’s that be already knew what they were going to do with him. They were going to make an example out of him of how other people were supposed to be. His life would never be anything but normal, we still talk about his life like he maybe able to come back one day.

Why would this one person be privy to an action that billions upon billions would have wished to have done? I still believe that they took an opportunity to try and control how they believed other people should be. Think about it? They manipulated the situation at a time when not many could even read. The tales that were told were handed down from their lips to our ears and then we took it all as being gospel so we didn’t know what we were supposed to believe.

I will never deny his existence or the good work he did when he was alive. All he wanted was to teach other about their journey and that their could be rewards if one was kind. His words went against what the elitist wanted so of course they needed to make an example out of him. If you were a free thinker who opposed the thoughts of the monarchy then you too can find yourself on a stack left alone to bled dry. And it happened. Jesus wasn’t the only one to have to pay a pittance for the apparent sins that he committed. Now that we know he was innocent of the crimes that he committed what has been done to rectify it. Nothing.

We still allow those that have tortured the innocence to sit on top of their thrones and tell us how life is going to be. There is rarely an opportunity for the masses to truly live free. Most of us work in dead end jobs because let’s face it they are all dead end jobs when your time has come. Try aging out of a system that doesn’t even care or want to remember your first name.

The reason why we are where we are is because other people were rewarded for their sins. If you look on top of the money piles you can see that there was evil behind every win. I think that is why they say that you sell your soul to the devil to live that way. You turn your back on anything that is righteous until that time that you finally stumble and fall into a pile of bones and by that time it is already too late.

It’s like the kindness got beat out of us because of all the cruelty that has been done. I mean I watched a documentary of a family whose only crime was playing out under the sun. They were being hunted and watched by a pedophile that couldn’t be rehabilitate. At least that is what his parole officer said as he served his sentence and was released.

This man was meticulous in his crimes as he drove around town looking for young children. He was about to give up and go home to another state when he stumbled along this family by the side of the highway. This families crime was location and it will cost them their lives. The horror that another being is capable of cuts my own heart out like a knife. He bludgeoned the parents and then their teenage son and took off with the two remaining children pretty content and happy that he had won.

That is evil and he is one of the extremes. This is the reason why some of us will be haunted by the visions that come to us in our dreams. One of the children he took survived to tell her tale. It will break your heart wide open and it will make you let out a wale.

Imagine another being wanting revenge on the world and he will take it by any means. His ammo and preference was young children when he was first convicted at 17. Registered as a sex offender he served his 20 years where he spent everyday plotting revenge. He didn’t like the label he was given so he decided that if he was going to have a label he was going to give them a reason. He went on to kill 7 people after the fact. With one survivor who told her tale that was able to fill up all the gaps.

You can’t deny that there is good or evil or who we hope will finally win. All I know that evil starts getting a foot hold anytime we let the darkness in.

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