A Troll’s Mind

Imagine going about your day to day and waking up to this comment:

Here why this comment is alarming and goes above the realms of normal conversations and rebuttal. It was posted on a reel about housekeeping and I have never interacted with this individual before.

I know that when you put yourself out there, there is a window of opportunity for other to try and even out the score. There are some people who just troll the internet in the hopes or ruining somebody else’s day but I wonder how much of this is an over reaction and how much of it is true.

Just imagine telling somebody that they are disgusting and deserve to have their head beat in. That tells me that he probably uses some level of violence to try and maintain some level of control. It’s alarming because what if he has daughters of their own, are they safe in his presence? I would have to lean towards they are danger and it is time to speak up some more.

So many of us are pushed into a corner because of the words that other people chose to say. With no filter and no desire to even try to fit in with the rest of us humans you use the only thing in your arsenal that you have that is designed to hurt…your words. Nothing else.

Normally I wouldn’t say anything but it comes right on the heels of a reel I saw that tells us to stop covering up this type of abuse. That the ones accountable have to be the ones with piss poor behaviour and not the ones that are struggling to just make life work. Oh you shouldn’t have called them out for their behaviour but what about it it is something that they shouldn’t have done. If you don’t want to be accountable for who you are and what you are doing then you can’t be shocked when somebody speaks up so that they can try to even out the score.

I know I taunt the lines with some of my posts and humour but it is only for play and never for truth, mostly. I am an advocate for a human’s place is in the kitchen citing how I never want to leave The idea that I would stop cleaning the house because I am not getting paid is insanity. In fact I think some days all I do is clean with very little time for play or even for me to lean.

I try to cook dinners but like I said before they go right into the trash and what happened if you didn’t like something move along, what happened to people having class? I think this is why I have always resolved that this is why I do what I do to bring out of the darkness all those beings that are content on acting like shrew’s. Hiding behind their computers they carry on doing what they want to do never fearing any retribution or believing that they are doing anything wrong.

I am an advocate for using your words and staying away from violence. I have been hospitalized before after an attack made on me by three others so I wouldn’t wish it onto anybody but here this man showed because he didn’t like one of my reels. Sure he got his 1 second of fame being the one with the big guns but all I keep on thinking about are all these domestic abusers that think that they have one.

So what I think is going to get funny is all the people who will come to his defense to cover up his abuse. I am only one of possibly many that he thinks it is comical to engage with in this way. I am older, but still just as sensitive, but I think I have a thicker skin, maybe. I think when it comes to people I love and respect it hurts but when it is a stranger I am needing to know more. Like why are you like this and who hurt you? You wouldn’t be acting like this if you were in fact normal this I believe to be true.

Imagine getting up in the morning and deciding to troll. Your goal and only initiative is to get under another person’s skin so that they lose all control. You don’t care what is going on in their home or if mentally they are ok. They could be holding on by a thread for all you know and your words could be the last ones they hear before they take their last breath.

I think that is what is alarming. All those beings that believe they are better than anybody else. For no reason at all and not because of anything they have even done. Just an awkward sense of entitlement that makes them believe they were the chosen one.

I wish as humans we lived better and we didn’t always have to go through a drag. I wish that we could see the similarities between all of us that makes us want to work together instead of being crass and getting mad. I wouldn’t wish harm on anybody so why would anybody wish it on me. In my past experiences of men of this nature it is usually sparked by something that they wish that they could have but can’t.

This is the day we live in. We need to experience life in the most uncomfortable and unnatural ways and expected to live out all of our days in fear. Was there ever a time where we were able to live freely or was there always a dark cloud hanging over me.

Was my counsellor right I was built to endure a whole sh*t ton of abuse? Some days I feel that way so I wonder if there is a point to my life and if I should stay. I don’t want to be upsetting to anybody but I would like a chance to become me.

Here’s the original reel so you can see what I did that set him off.


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