A Goddess Defined

Define Goddess: a female deity: a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty.

Let’s start where it all began and that is with the first ever deity. The first goddess’s to walk the plains of the Earth trying to decipher their purpose and their coming into their own and trying to understand their own self worth.

Tales that have been handed down throughout time tell of this class of women that neither sexes could ever ignore. It is like when they came into their own they realized their own power and used it to determine others intentions so that they would be able to even out the score.

Why is this an issue that even needs to be discussed. We all heard about Marc Anthony and his lust for the original Queen Mother herself. An exquisite yet elaborate liaison was set over a winter that would then lead out to their deaths.

I suppose their story was the original love story told to encourage other members of society to live right by their family and all other beings. The ten commandants were designed to help us all live an honorable life that should have been easily obtainable by all if not by most. Romeo and Juliet had nothing over these star crossed lovers who taunted their whole love affair for most of their countries to see. One would have hoped that this behaviour would have encourage a truth between civilities but what we ended up with would be a story that would be rather incredulous for us all to believe.

To put this story into perspective will all be decided on what you believe. The origins of these stories that we have come to know was the actual lives of really human beings. When they mention that Marc Anthony was a descendant of Hercules you tell me what you want to feel and see. We can’t picture it because we are so far removed but imagine a God that has given his kinship a chance to come down to Earth. I think his presence alone would have enough energy to immobilize ships none the less capture and captivate the most beautiful woman in the world.

A Goddess is somebody who knows what she wants and she is not afraid to take it but she will accumulate her desires without hurting anybody else. She will take careful consideration the consequences of her actions and she will do so in a timely fashion before she even decides that she is going to leave her house.

Her life will become a portrayal of the life that she appreciated and the one she tried to live. Waiting most of her life for a partner that she believes will become her other half she dots on her family in such a way that many don’t have it in themselves to give. My family is the epitome of my life that makes the most sense. They are the ones that can carry on our love and our legacy in only a way that having kids and a family can ever hope to bring and exist.

With a war looming on our horizons we are wait on bated breaths for the bad man to begin to win. He did it once before with his desires and you can see it in every way that all this evil and negativity begins to seep in. We forget about beauty and move on towards easy. We want to see the lingerie clad entities getting it on in a way that only a desensitized world wished that they would. There will be no joy in life anymore outside of sex, drugs and rock and roll so why don’t you just take that position and lay silent flat on your back.

That is what the world is about these days. Sucking people off or getting off and I don’t think that is how a Goddess would want to act. She would want to be spoiled with all of her senses instead of allowing a man to pound away at her until he was finished and decided to roll off. Imagine that was the love affair handed down throughout the ages instead of all the food and wine and exploration for all the world to see. There is just something about coming across as being easy that sends the idea of anybody being a Goddess right to the streets.

Why have we decided to be ruled by sex instead of getting anything else done? We allowed it to become such a cheap thrill and sick pervasion that is pretty much leaving all of our children emotionless and left for dead. My son is going to grow up believing that is all there is to life unless we are ready to make a change. It shouldn’t be that hard to see the holes in society if you were anybody out there left with half a brain.

Does sex sell? It shouldn’t but hear I am believing into this type of game. There was a time I saw myself as only an object now I fight everyday just to be comfortable with being me. I like to think of myself as having a thick skin because believe it or not I have been through it all. There is no happiness that comes with being beaten, raped or tortured and I wish that mainstream media would stop portraying these actions instead of constantly hitting ignore.

A true Goddess knows her place in the world and although she wants to stand out she wants to live out her life peacefully too. She wants to bring happiness to all those that she meets through her homemaker skills and her own devices instead of taking all of her clothes off and engaging in another cheap thrill. It’s almost harder to live a life these days with your clothes on now that more of us are comfortable with taking them off. A true Goddess always maintains control of her body and emotions instead of allowing another being to take over and begin using her as a toy.

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