Crippled by Ignorant Hatred

I suffer from crippling anxiety. I want to be able to believe the best in people that usually is something that I find incredibly hard to believe. When given the chance most people will choose to be nasty with little to no care with how the other person in their presence should have to endure or feel. In this day and age customer service is out the window. It seems we has the consumers and customers will be at the butt end for the grudge that needs to be paid.

My health is my number one concern. That and just trying to get through life. I try not to get too preoccupied by all that is going on inside this world but it kind of hard when you are uncertain who are the players and who is intent on trying to win the game.

How did my morning start? Realizing the last words of a friend that had already been spoken. Unfortunately he had succumbed to his addictions and that was already weighing heavy in my heart and on my brain.  His last words, “I think I did it this time.” These were his last words spoken as he began to leave this world.

I was shaken but not deterred. I was more than focused to get to the root of my health problem so I can be a better mom to my son. All this coughing and hacking took away from our time that we get to spend here and I wasn’t going to waste any more time that I could spend with him. The last test on my list was a chest x-ray so I dropped him off with his Nanny and went on my way.

Guess what happened? You would never guess it but as I handed my license over I realized that it had expired and not by a little bit we are talking about 6 plus months. This wasn’t going to work for my lifestyle. Yes I don’t like leaving the house but I have a son who is at school and I need a license for drop off.

Want to here about complications I had them all. Wrong address, id’s in my maiden and married name, nothing was adding up. When I called to ask our local insurance place what I needed they told me what I needed so I went home and picked it all up.

The first stop was the bank with my son in tow. Everything went extremely kosher but how could it not I had an infinite amount of id’s. What I needed most was the bank document stamped saying that it was legit. I felt like I was winning. Winning at my own life that is. Years of abuse makes me timid of other people when I leave the house. At times I don’t want anybody to  notice me I want to keep as quiet as a mouse.

As soon as I entered our local license place I should have run through the hills. The women who were sitting at the wickets looked like disgruntled ogres that have had about all of their fill. They couldn’t crack a smile until they began laughing at me. They refused to look at my documents citing they weren’t good enough to be seen.

That signed bank document that I went and got they said was a forgery and couldn’t be accepted. From my many years of working at a bank that stamp was more legit then any document that could ever be printed. What they told me to do was go back to the bank and ask for my monthly statement in the mail. They needed to confirm that I was a resident of Okotoks and refused to help me until I did. When they asked if I had a job or bills in my name I told them I was a wife and mom whose only job was to keep her house clean and her brood fed too which that comment made them laugh.

In front of the whole office they kept laughing at me because I was having a panic attack. The world was closing in on me and everything around me was going black. All I could here was them laughing as the tears began to fall down my face. My son grabbed my hand and asked me why I was crying to which I told him that I was being bullied and this women were being mean.

Thankfully my husband lived close by and he was able to give them what they wanted. What they finally accepted was looking at his app to see if I was joint on the account with him. No picture was taken. No documentation was ever made. That is how I could tell for them that this was all a game.

Because my son was so kind and patient I treated him with a visit to our crystal store. That visit was so much needed because it restored my faith in humanity and so much more. The owner was so kind to give me a hug and even had flowers delivered to my house. She let me know that is common knowledge that that office is incredibly difficult, that she would have advised me to travel into town if she would have known instead of dealing with all that stuff.

I like to think we are all human and it is a lot easier for us to be kind but what I realized is that so many people are so spiteful that they are ready to engage before you even get a chance to leave the house. I guess I should be attentive more and run away when my smile isn’t returned. I think that is how you can tell to avoid them at all costs, just take a look at their resting b*tch face. I used to think that I loved living in a small town now these ladies have resorted this community to trash. I can’t imagine being apart of something that truly exhibited a lack of class.


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