A Blessing from Above

The love that I hold for my son is so strong and so pure that I will use it to guide me through life and that power will shine for over a thousand years. It may have taken 3 days to meet him once he was here but once I laid eyes on him I knew that my life was and has been forever changed.

Sure we always here that you must have a strong sense of self and identity to go on or else what would be the point? For me I want to be the best being I could possibly be while gathering my barring’s in an increasingly frigid world.

It always boils down to one individual who is so unhappy with their life that they will do anything possible so that they can get their demented play. They will forgo any dreams and visions of happiness that they acquired before and use it to fertilize all of their backyard weeds.

The person we have to watch out for is the one scorned. The one who had grandeur ideas of who they should be in this world. They will rage out and they will do so accordingly anytime you oppose their ideas and feelings you will learn to speak no more.

There is just something so primitive about engaging in wanton sex. Don’t you want a chance to excel outside in the world instead of succumbing to some fate while lying flat on your back? Sex is used to divide and conquer those that have been sent down here to defeat us and we can’t get all those visions out of our heads as we maintain that we need to do more.

I know life. I have brought it alive from a mere single seed and watched as it grew to mass proportions so that my community could potentially feed. I may spend too much time inside these four walls but these four walls is where I find myself able to relax and finally able to breathe.

Make up your mind you sure flop around a lot. I know that there is something that is wrong with me. I tried to tell my doctor how irrational my behaviour has become but she still believes it has something to do with my iron deficiency.

If that were the case then it is something that I have always suffered from. I had my first surgery on my foot before I was even a teen. If I have always been incapable of absorbing my own iron then that explains the spiral that can be tied to all my surgeries. If not the surgeries then from blood loss. That time in my life when I was dished out volumes of indescribable pain. I think that is what skews me from forgiving just anybody. I don’t want to be betrayed again, left with my heartbroken. That is a game that I know I could no longer survive and win.

Imagine your life in ruins from one tragic event. A reaction and response that you always regretted but how were you to know you were only a kid. That’s what pushes me to believe that there has to be something more than life than all of this but if you were to believe an inkling of that idea than what is stopping you from believing this?

What you need to believe that all life is worthy until proven otherwise. There has to be some sort of disclosure running concurrently because there is evil and what it does in order to have its fill. Not everybody is righteous nor were we ever expected to be, what was expected was some sort of human decency and acknowledgement and a little bit of grace just like we had when we were kids.

Why distort the definition that we seek when it is staring us right in the face. I guess it just reaffirms what I have been thinking that we all believe that life is just a game. That the only purpose that we have is to feel pain and then die. Nobody will come to visit us in time or will remember where is our grave.

All this will be for nothing faster than you can close your eyes. You will wish that maybe you were a little bit nicer during your days instead of waiting till the day that you say your goodbyes. There is nobody who wins when it comes to this game called life. No matter who we are we will experience some sort of pain, that is the only guarantee we can be sure of these days.

We will regret our decisions one day and that is all that I have to say. I wish that it was easier when we are chosen to come alive that day. All I wanted was the life that I was promised then I remember that nobody promised me a damn thing. That if I want to be anything in this life I have to try and take it no matter who is out there hating and forever doubting me. We all have a purpose that is how we have come to be here so who do we morph into when we finally flee the roost?

The entity that is stronger is the one that fights tooth and nail just to survive. There will be kindness in the eyes of a stranger that you have never seen before and probably never will ever see again. If you don’t grasp onto that moment before it is forgotten did life even happen or did you find a way to waste it all away?

Akon got it right when he said that he tried so hard couldn’t get away from misery. No matter how hard I try bad luck always seems to follow me but within that shadow of bad luck I forget to see that there are blessings. Every day above ground is a blessing from God so what are you going to do with that 24 hours to fulfill your destiny and set your ship a sail?

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