An Unseen Need

Midday thoughts and ramblings when I should be cleaning the house because the husband is going to be home any minute but I thought I had an idea in my head so I wanted to sit down and write.

The flash of an idea that I was having is how far removed from oneself we all have truly become. That strong instinctual drive to want to have the very best of everything or at least our version of what we believe to be the best out of life shouldn’t impose on anybody else yet it does.

I want to get along with people but I think I am too weird for other people and that is just me. Maybe I don’t have a filter or maybe I am just foolish with this idea that there is some sort of good inside of anybody I come to meet. It isn’t lost on me that there are those that will always be caught inside of their own bad day with little or any reason of knowing just what they wanted to say.

My favourite time of day is by far the morning. The earlier in the morning is better for me before the rest of the world is awake. I like the quite calm that waits to connect with each day as I waste about my morning thinking about the greatness that could happen now with the promise of a new day.

So much can happen and it can happen in a blink of an eye. I love the morning before my grow lights go on so I can see how much my plants have grown now that the whole world has drifted off to sleep. I like taking pictures to capture the growth that happens but it is quite considerable that not too many people actually believe.

Not too many people assimilate a relationship between a human and a plant. We always take their life force for granted like there is no going back. We fail to recognize that they can thrive in the same type of conditions that are similar to you and I. Don’t believe me? You just wait.

Why causes my garden to grow that is so much more than just water and light. I like to think that they respond to the loving care that they receive from as they come into fruition in front of other living beings. Beings thrive when they are brought together to live out their. They all respond and feed off of each other. Not in a macabre situation but when that is full of love.

Tell me a species that wants to live alone, I will wait. We have these preconceived notions of what the rest of the world needs us to believe but have you actually stood back and thought. What would it be like if I was the one who lived in a glass aquarium looking out into a world that just didn’t give an absolute f*ck. How can you make a living species feel the love that you hold for them when there is no possibility of you ever being able to hold them and show them how it is so.

I would imagine it starts with a little bit of grace and a simple understanding of what living your life could mean. As oddly as it is I can tell these beings that can’t speak to me appreciate me, more than anybody living has ever cared about me before. They all stand up and take notice when I enter their room and they are all curious to see what brings upon this visit and more.

I spent so much of my time trying to impress humans when I could have used my energy in trying to even out the score. To live my live with quite appreciation and more understanding realizing there is more too communicate then just words used to settle out an old score. Words are the simplest form of expression that can so easily be taken out of hand. I think if we took the time to communicate on a more ethereal level there would be less misunderstanding and more love.

That’s where we go wrong. Failing to see the value that is derived from all life. We all were once a tiny seed until something got in our way and brought us into life. For no reason and if there was one it is completely out of our hands as we lose all types of control. We were never meant to be such an undesirable species hell bound and determined to destroy anybody who might have the courage to get in our way.

Your biggest distraction will come from those that feel threatened by your light and fail to receive the warmth from it. I am one to believe that we only make it when we all do and who are we to believe that we could just leave anybody behind. I don’t want to leave anybody. Can you see my hand as I try to reach for you. Let me pull you out of the riptide that threatens you so you can feel your feet on solid land.

Life was never meant to feel so tough and utterly pointless and that is why it is up to us to keep on fighting trying to live for better days. My life becomes alive when the life around me thrives and I don’t want to become a hinderance to anything living or try to keep their life energy under my control.

I fear for the need of violence and those that feel pressured to relinquish everything that they have come to know. An entity that truly loves and wants the best for you wants to lift you up to a level like you have never seen before. The threat comes from the outside force that has been sent to defeat you because no matter how hard we try the Universe always wants to maintain and have their control.


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