The Best Intentions

I can’t help but think about the greatest of lives and wonder why it is that they got taken out that way. The lives with the greatest potential to impact the most lives are the ones that we will get lost in the grind as we try to find them. At least their message isn’t lost.

I can’t help but stop at one of the greatest minds, Miss Anne Frank. Oh how we failed you in all of the most simplistic of human ways. I want you to know that I am sorry for your pain and that we failed. No words will ever be able to lift you up and take you away. I can’t believe what humans did to you as you watched your whole family perished as you were only a teen. We have learned nothing from the horrors that had fallen on you as we get ready to cross the battle lines after all these years once again.

Stuck in this grind aren’t we. Just ask Nipsey as they finally had enough of his lyrics and called him on his lies. All his wife wanted was time but he was too lost in this hustle to even begin to relinquish control. We took about that life and what would happen if one was ever able to go straight. It’s like you have to sell your soul to the devil to be anybody and when he comes calling you better jump out of bed so that you are awake.

I grew up in the 90’s where it was rat a tat off with your head. Poor choice of words I know but I will never forget how it felt to lose Kurt Cobain in April, 2 Pac in September and Biggie in March. We barely got the time to grieve before another one was met with an early grave. Their message was volatile and stood to impact the masses. Just imagine how potent their message would have grown to be if somebody out there didn’t snipe them off.

It isn’t lost on me that some of the greatest influencers of that time was met with a an untimely demise. Lady Di, Left Eye and even Aaliyah were ripped early straight out of the sky. Of course there are so much more that have left this world early but these one are the headliners that I remember from that troublesome time.

There are so many more that checked out early and I hate to believe that it was all because of fame. Maybe it was their rise to power that gave them something that they could try and control but then there are those sharks out there who are always wanting more.

The one thing this rise to power has is you have to believe that you are above everybody else. I think that is why some of these people were called to their destiny a little bit early because it was way easier to try and keep them under some sort of control.

I think about it daily what you have to sell in order for one to have their day. The idea is that one can sell their soul off to the proverbial devil so one can live off and acquire a better day. That is where the placement of an alter ego comes in and in Hollywood doesn’t everybody have a pseudonym? Kinda scary isn’t it and if you are in Hollywood have you ever had to pay the ultimate price? A tragic tale of a horrific upbringing that will bring a tear to even the driest of eyes. Let that sink in.

I have always maintained that I am happy with my life and I don’t need to sacrifice anybody that I would rather have this life as it is than offing anybody off. In the heat of the moment I know it has been said that I would be happier if only my husband would end up dead. I hate when he says that because I would never want to be that cruel. I wouldn’t want to be the reason why my son’s heart breaks right open I could care less about the arguing and trying to break all the rules.

Why don’t some of the rules apply to them as they take over any life just because. The damage that is done to those that we believe can never be broken is something that will shatter my heart every time that it does. How many times can we be shoved away before we have no desire to keep on moving forward grasping onto that lifeline that is behind us for dear life before we suddenly had enough and just let go.

I listen to these souls who poured their heart and soul into their music before they left and I can’t help but try and understand the message they left for us to try and understand and decipher right before they turned around and let go.

Living never gets easy and neither does dying as we learn to never get too close to anybody. I lived in the time when death even came for those that were funny as it seemed that death would come for anybody and it would be the livings greatest loss.

Uhm I am sorry what is even happening as one by one they began to be picked off. It was like when death decided to come his disease wasn’t lost on anybody and it would be the failure to recognize the livings value that in the end would be the ultimate cost.

Try and perceive the message as it is coming to you instead of letting all that white noise get in the way. There is so much more than a materialistic ideal and even upbringing that threatens to taint the best of intentions in this incredibly world.

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