The Violation

It’s not about the body that is the violation but it is about the act. It is the glorification of violence consistently that puts our children at risk and anything outside of that just proves how obnoxious and entitled you truly are.

This online spice merchant industry that so many are trying to capitalize on is the very reason why so many people are going to go insane. If taking your clothes off and getting pounded was easy then I think we would all dip our feet into that game.

I think why it is so offensive because the stars of these industry had the highest price to pay. If you ever read any of their stories you could see they were all forced to start early and only began to capitalize off of it so they could begin to control it in their own way.

Never in their wildest dreams did they use it to their advantage and destroy their own children in every possible way. The goal that a majority had in the industry was to shelter their offspring so they could live to have brighter days.

Now I don’t want to be offensive to anybody but I want people to understand what it means to live that life. I remember selling crack and down to a known prostitute in our area and I never saw her smile only frown. I think it is glamorous for these online persona’s to be in control of their destination but what about the sex workers who paved the way who never got to have that control or even have their say.

I am not a prude I am just a temptress of fate and I am very alarmed in all the things that people say. We should take careful consideration to what we put out into the Universe if we want to have a hope of living for brighter days. Think about how some people act when they don’t get their way and all of the horrible things that they are capable of saying.

Look at me I am just as guilty but seeing woman in compromising positions just triggers me. I wonder if they truly know what it feels like to be forced to engage in something against your will and then minimize the impact that it has on a fragile mind.

I consider our youth and the ones who were forced to engage in activities that to them were incredibly horrific that there online attackers got the idea somewhere from the world wide web. When we desensitize sex there are those that believe that they can use any means to just take it like every woman is asking for it and it should be taken against their will. That is what is means to be when I see sex available publicly on every platform. They take the glamour out of seduction and make it into a cheap thrill.

That’s why I won’t engage in this way. I have been forced and I have been raped and I had all of the bloody aftermath put up on the internet on display. I will never forget what it felt like to see my bloody body in the background like a cheap party trick getting laughed at by anybody who saw the pictures hoping my attacker would post more. This is why this whole idea of a public sex forum just makes me sick. Can’t we make that experience a little more private so the rest of the world isn’t forced to engage.

I feel like I need to stand up for our children like I need to stand up for our middle aged white men. They don’t have the success at setting up an only fans like only their wives would and can. We have opened up a doorway that I think will lead to the down fall of every man.

Seems extreme doesn’t it but tell me if you believe there is a better way. All I see is the downfall of society as hard as that is for me to say. Are we at odds with each other as we keep spinning around. It is hard to believe just anybody when there is nobody around you to be found.

We are obsessed with our own celibacy or prevention of and we want it all to be put out on public display. Are you anybody if you don’t have an only fans we are the only civilization that behaves this way. So many times I get asked if I have one and it is more common then asking if I am having a good day. It seems more people care to ask to see me without my clothes on then how I am feeling and I can’t help but feel a little bit dismayed. Even at my lowest lows this was never an option for me and I don’t understand how it got so common place.

We lost young lives at the hands of these types of personalities that only get off on the physical entity instead of the spiritual being. We need to be more sensitive to the entity that is coming alive inside of us instead of this continuation of putting ourselves on display. There will always be a time and place and of course there will be the entities that have become complete work of arts but there is something a little sinister at work behind the scenes and do I dare to say a little bit mundane?

If you are going to be a player in the industry the give me something I can use. Show some respect for others that are trying to make ends meet in the same community instead of making all the images you capture so plain. I am all about the shock and awe but not truly if this is all that you have to say.

I think we need to be more sensitive to the acts that we are trying to portray. Some of us are immediately triggered so why is it ok for you to always have your say. What about the rest of us that were forced to engage against our will? Does that even have an impact in your life or does your heart always remain still?

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