What I Want The World To Know

I can’t listen to this anymore. The fear of hearing all the ways that people in my life hate me just chills me to the core inside. Is there anything I can do to be forgiven for all the mistakes I have made? I feel desperate, scared, sick and confused.

Mean Girls

I hated myself so much and I was barely a girl. Nothing nice was said about me as I was left alone in the world. With nobody to talk to I spent most of my days alone. It took everything I could just to want to stay alive here when it could have been easier to leave and make that final journey home.

When Rules Apply

I used to be mean because truly I was scared because I knew I was different then everybody else. I wish I could stop feeling all the emotions that make up everybody because this type of delusion is making me insane. Imagine caring about those that only care about you when nobody else wants to and everybody stops coming around. No not me. Not ever again. I would rather be alone then fall for that energy ever again.

Tell Em What’s Up

Why are we so upset with a woman who is so in control of her own desires and needs? She is so confident in how she wants her future unfold that she can walk away from everything and still pave her way in this cold world. We fail to understand how the desires of so many can have a detrimental affect to ones health. Now ask yourself what makes us stay with a partner that doesn’t have our best interests at heart and can you walk away? Not many can.

Another Spin

Striving to find my own truth I feel like I got hit over the head with a sledge hammer. I am tired, exhausted and no longer forth coming as I take a look around me and become shocked instead. The world as we know it is constantly changing and we can’t do a thing. The only question I have is do you let it ride or do you try and take it out for another spin?

Deep End

The game and the rules no longer apply as everything is changed in order to accommodate another being. I wish people could see what we are doing too each other. I wish we could see how we continuously fail when we allow another being to feel anything but free. Sometimes I just want to jump off the deep end I wonder if there is anybody out there just like me?

When Personalities Clash

There is something to be said for this time of my life that feels so isolated and lonely. I am scared to open up to anybody anymore because in the end all they do is leave me. Once they know who I am it is easy to hate me. I am just a monster of a human who has gotten lost in my attempts to honour my own identity.

What’s In Your Color Street? An Eye Opening Expose

Do you believe we have a moral obligation not only to this planet but to each other? Think about it for a minute. Take as much time as you need. If you found out that somebody wanted to profit by hurting us and our environment would you want to know? For days my insides had been in knots trying to determine what it is that I was supposed to do with the information I had just found. To the untrained eye this one little fact is nothing but to a trained Beauty Professional like me this is more than even I could ever believe.

Hello Death, Can You See Me?

I think about my mom whom I haven’t seen in years and all I want to do is get into my car and drive. I think about my Dad and my sister’s who will forever hate me and it takes everything inside of me to not want to cry. I think that is why I began to close myself off from the Universe because if my own blood don’t even want me what shot in the dark do I actually have?

Face Value

All I want to do is come forward with the information I uncovered accidentally when all I was trying to do was look for proof. Sure I was looking for what separated two products and was horrified at what I had to learn in the process to boot. What I find myself doing is looking for answers trying to convince myself that this product is ok. I can’t help feeling guilty for doing this when I have had all the answers presented to me that day. I wasn’t looking for what I found but now that I found it what am I supposed to do? Wouldn’t you want to know if something is harmful to you and the environment so you can make an informed decision that I am able to do?