Face Value

What would you desire to know about the information presented to you? Or would you take it at face value what everybody else around you was saying? Would you want to know if a product you were using was not only harmful to the environment but had long term health affects and consequences to you and yours? What if I told you that no matter how hard I looked to find an answer that would just prove me to be irrational and out of my mind that no solution of that sorts would I be able to find. Ever have to sit on information that you think the rest of the world should know but when you get ready to pull the trigger the rug gets pulled right from under you and the rest of your world begins to feel out of control? What if all you wanted was the the hopes and dreams of what everybody else got but what you got was a nightmare and now it is time for one to begin to let go.

I like to believe that maybe I am wrong even though all the answers that I am looking for our staring me in the face. Aggressively so. Taunting me by showing up wherever I look in that moment but never showing up beyond my means. I am sorry that I am evasive. I am still not ready to share all that I know because there is a piece of me that is still hoping that maybe I understood it wrong. That maybe under the guise of science and modern medicine that maybe there is something I am failing to understand but then there is this….https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/cosmetics-laws-regulations/fda-authority-over-cosmetics-how-cosmetics-are-not-fda-approved-are-fda-regulated.

What that says is there is no law that requires the FDA to approve cosmetics. This actually means that any number of dangerous chemicals can be entering our market and therefore our bloodstream, and not to mention our ecosystem with nothing being done until this terrible practice is brought to light. I wish that the answers I sought after were eventually found but in the end all I ended up finding was more heartbreak and deceit so how can I decide what the right thing is to do?

As International Beauty Specialist Level 2 I already know the answer but my gut is telling me to be careful and make sure that I am right. So I did what any empath would do who is becoming in tune with herself and nature so I pulled a Tarot Card. What I got was the Knight of Swords, “Someone who acts decisively when dealing with ideas, systems and communications.” Now the first thought I had is maybe I wasn’t acting honestly but that is absolute asinine because I always act and move with a pure heart, so what does that leave for the card to mean? It means the onus lies within the company engaging in the poor practices and encouraging others to inflict in self harm. That is what happens when you play with a product whose ingredients are linked to causing cancer not to mention the environment impact and the lasting impression these ingredients will have on this big wide world.

I truly don’t want to move forward with this but as a human being what other choice do I have. As a Beauty Professional who is proud of her designation and the ingredients she uses to transform her skin that not helping the environment could in the end be my greatest sin. How can I let the life forms who do nothing but bring us peace and joy pay the ultimate price for us to feel beautiful. I don’t care how long we feel like we are unconquerable it should never come at the price of Mother Nature or her environment.

I shudder to think who we will end up being if we keep allowing corporations like these to keep stealing all of our dreams. I want a world that is full of life and vibrant colours not because of the pollution that is being pumped into it but because of the life that flourishes and desires to give back.

My path now seems to be pushed down to truly uncovering those products and ingredients that are truly safe for our environment and therefore our skin and face. I couldn’t believe how long I sat on this information without even knowing when I could tell by the texture, the smell just everything about it felt a little bit off. When you spent your life surrounded by the best cosmetics and learning daily about them it will take a very cold day in hell before I anybody can convince me otherwise and I will be damn sure not to be fooled by any man.

I have to remind myself that I have the proof and it is laid out in front of me over and over again until my eyes begin to water. I wish there was any other way but the way that is chosen but when the proof is right in front of me how can I ever let the wool be pulled over my eyes?

All I want to do is come forward with the information I uncovered accidentally when all I was trying to do was look for proof. Sure I was looking for what separated two products and was horrified at what I had to learn in the process to boot. What I find myself doing is looking for answers trying to convince myself that this product is ok. I can’t help feeling guilty for doing this when I have had all the answers presented to me that day. I wasn’t looking for what I found but now that I found it what am I supposed to do? Wouldn’t you want to know if something is harmful to you and the environment so you can make an informed decision that I am able to do?

I could close my eyes and this could all go away BUT what if what I am right with what I have uncovered? Could you imagine all the lives and life I could potentially save?


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