Tell Em What’s Up

Why are we so upset with a woman who is so in control of her own desires and needs? She is so confident in how she wants her future unfold that she can walk away from everything and still pave her way in this cold world. We fail to understand how the desires of so many can have a detrimental affect to ones health. Now ask yourself what makes us stay with a partner that doesn’t have our best interests at heart and can you walk away? Not many can.

Take infidelity? Unless it was an act that was mutually agreed upon where both parties are made aware it is a complete act of defiance that I don’t understand why more of the world doesn’t care. Want to get your rocks off for immediate gratification while I wait in the wings tending to your house? I don’t think so bucko. How is it we as humans have become so gross?

Last time that I checked the only people who believed in loyalty these days are gangsters and even they find themselves getting shot up. Call it jealousy but that rise to fame doesn’t sit well with some people. They would rather see you dead then living happy out of the red.

What an example we are setting for nobody. Work hard get yourself out of the gutter only to find those above you kneeling down on your neck. Not on their watch. Not today. Not ever. For most of us the most we can ever hope for is a roof over our head with our bellies full but even that luxury will come at the ultimate price.

Define family. Can you? Let me look it up, one sec. Family : a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit; all the descendants of a common ancestor; a group of related things. There it is the one common denominator that makes it so we will never feel the same. A group of people coming together to live as a unit. Not one parent and one child left alone to do all the work.

I understand that desire of wanting to be able to do everything before you take your last breath but I don’t think that was trying to indicate to try out everybody and their bed. I think there is a reason why unless you are with “the one” it all feels the same. Don’t some of us use rubber and plastic to get off?

Let me tell you something that you can take with you once you have had the opportunity to be with THE ONE there is nobody out there that will entice you that can make you turn your back. What does that mean for us? We all have become numb because we have been saturated. What happens to a plant that is over watered? You lose your lack luster and glory and eventually you will die. Imagine that? There is truth in acquiring too much in excess so I wonder what will happen when we all begin to take to the sky.

Now the perversion of self control and desire is something that we need to be made more aware of. I know it is an overwhelming fact to consider. What if we are missing out on something and it is all gone by the time we open our eyes? In circumstances of such I think we need to be made more aware of our surroundings and all the things around us that bring a sting to our eyes.

Life is over before it even gets started. I wonder why it is meant to be like this. Why can’t we be nice and enjoy the presence and warmth that is life? Why is it so strange to want to reach out to a stranger when you see them cry? I hate that feeling. When somebody else is out there in the world hurting and I can’t do or say anything to ease their pain. Don’t get involved is something is always said. Don’t overshare keep to yourself. Nobody cares. I care. How come nobody else does?

I wish I didn’t have to live like this. It sucks to cry everyday over things that other people think is insane. I can’t even listen to a song without the water forming in my eyes. I feel so intertwined with everything that has ever been here at one time or another I try to stay by their side as they take their last breath. I close my eyes and dance in the middle of my kitchen and apologize for their pain. How I wish I could take it away and make it so another living entity would never have to feel this way again. But it will happen.

A woman scorned will lash out jealousy even though she already has the man. She will ridicule, tease, taunt and bully trying to get the masses to do the same. I don’t even want to identify as human when woman begin to act this way. Why does it matter? Why is that pain the fuel that everybody needs?

I could tell you that life is not like that but my life is proof that it will always be the same. I am a loyal, hard working housewife but because of the way I look you will want to tarnish my bad name. I must be a slut because I dress up and wear make-up or I must be coming for your man. No thanks. Got one and by definition as defined above we are family.

That glue that holds us together is loyalty. Over and above anything else. The fights between us may get vicious but I know he won’t take it outside and involve anybody else. A man who cheats is nothing but a coward when all you have to do is be honest with your partner and tell them what’s up.


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