What Animals Make the Best/Worst Pets?

Daily writing prompt
What animals make the best/worst pets?

This is a very loaded and subjective question and given the variety that I have at home I think that I am fully able to weigh in on this.

First off the best or worst pet all depends on the type of person is there is literally a pet for EVERYONE. Yes this includes the shift workers, travellers and even stay at home mom’s.

There is no denying that because they are alive they will benefit from all the same things we do. Clean water, fresh hair, lots of love and natural light and anything else you think could make your heart burst with pride. Each pet has their needs though and it is important to research each one before you decide to add in another.

What I started with was cats. I have always loved cats. Born to be our natural companion they do have an air of prestige to them though. I love their deep roots with society stemming as far back as Cleopatra and the pyramids. I do believe cats are the gate keepers of our souls hence why I have 9 of them.

They are easy to care for but can get expensive if not maintained. Cats (especially males) have a propensity to end up with urinary crystals which stems from the neutering we would have done to them at such a young age. This is not proven but blockages are caused by stress. I believe it is from scar tissue in or around the urethra that becomes irritate and therefore inflamed.

Just like we do cats get urinary and bladder issues too. If you have had one in your lifetime you know they are painful so what is a cat supposed to do. The crystals build up causing pain when they urinate, that is if they can urinate at all. The only way to save a cat in this dire situation is surgery and that can be quite costly to a young family.

When two of our cats clogged at the same time it cost almost $13,000 and one of them was never able to ever come back home. Sure cats seem expensive but when something goes wrong they depend on you and throwing them away to get another one seems to be what a majority of humans do.

If you don’t believe me go on in into your local shelter and check to see who is in there that day. Are they around 5 to 6 years out with a urinary note? Go on and check it out I will wait for you to.

Dogs are a popular choice too but they are pretty high maintenance by all senses of the words. They need constant care and attention and exercise and for all sense and purposes what they really need is you. They sit around all day hoping and waiting that you will finally return. They need walks and attention and proper care. They believe in the pack mentality and isn’t for the faint of heart if you dare.

Dogs are a very loyal companion and once they have you in their heart that is where you will always stay. They will be your loyal friend and constant companion with their only goal being you in mind. You couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend than a dog but you do have to pick up their poop.

No matter what pet you decide to get there will always be poop. Just take a look at my two chinchillas where their poop determines if they are healthy. The size and the quantity is what you do hope for because without them being able to talk that is all you can really do.

They are gentle creatures that can live over 80 degrees. They originate from the Andes mountain in South America and even require regular ash baths, hence why they are so soft. They regular timothy hay daily and regular things for them to chew. They need to constantly be munching on something or their teeth might keep growing and pop through.

They aren’t very affectionate and nature with the most you can ever hope for is a brush up on your leg. Even though they are very fluffy by statue they are very tiny and in fact they should never get wet. It would be impossible for a chinchilla to get dry enough before pneumonia took over and set in.

How can one forget our birds that I acquired from Facebook marketplace. The add simply stated that if they didn’t find a home she would open up their cage and let them fly away. Their living conditions were squalor and I couldn’t believe that they lived years this way. They basically lived in a lil armoire that they converted so that they could have birds that day.

Yes I have 9 cats so my birds have their own room. I had them all paired off and in their own cages but then old age stepped in and took that away. Well before that even happened one of the couples started to lay eggs so I ended up with 3 yellow sisters to live out their days.

I have 5 birds that can fly between two cages and they seem so much happier to live that way. Everyday they get fresh water and an opportunity to greet the rising sun. Did you know natural light is important for them? It seems we all need to have access to vitamin D. Birds are harder to care for I believe because you have to be able to give them daily fresh water and seed.

My hermit crab and fish are the only ones left and as much as I care for my crab it is hard for us to be friends in this life. I notice when he is up and about so I always give him fresh water and make sure he has food. My betta fish was an eye opener because you can get plants for him too!

Now don’t sell a lil fishy short as they will do their best to show you that they want to be friends. He head butts my finger and follows my finger around like they were two fishies going out for the evening just trying to have a swim.

Maybe I am not the right person to ask what is the best pet. There is something to love about all of them leaving lasting impressions on our heart that we will never forget.


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