The Most Powerful Woman

The most powerful woman in the world is the one that can exercise forgiveness. The only one able to show compassion in this crazed, deranged land. A wise woman doesn’t need to repeat all the secrets shared in secrecy when nobody else was around. She believes that there is more beauty in her own heart then the rest of the world so she cuts herself open for the whole world to see. What is incredible to imagine is this happens everyday but because it is happening to the celebrities we crave we decide it is up to change the narrative.

Yesterday a woman I respect so much made a mention that we need to be able to be accountable in our own mistakes. That it is ok to make them when you do but you have to accountable for all things that you do. If you say something shady take ownership of that even if it was a comment that was best left to the broadside of the moon. There is a fine line when it comes to sticking up for yourself and becoming a coward that the bully inflates their ego believing that they are in complete control.

My stomach turns with the public display of bullying that goes on everyday in the mainstream media. A constant back and forth battle because one girl her whole life has been obsessed with being mean. Could you imagine if this was your life constantly on display. Being laughed at and ridiculed by your ex’s new wife. How classless is that? And yes I am talking about Hailey and Selena.

My heart breaks for Selena knowing that she was hospitalized because of the way that Justin cheated her. It makes me mad knowing that her condition would flare up anytime he would cheat on her or even stand her up. She has Lupus which resulted in chemotherapy and a kidney transplant and how did her beloved treat he while she was going through all of this? He got married! Who does that? And we all stand in the wings waiting for Selena to take him back.

No wonder why Hailey is relentless. Can’t we just cancel both Justin and Hailey for both having that mean girl mentality. To publicly make phone of somebody’s eyebrows or publicity team just shows how petty and heartless this girl truly is. What kind of man can stand behind any woman taking a step back as she tries to annihilate his ex. Imagine claiming you don’t know what you are doing when you are mocking somebody on their social media account and the showing up the next day wearing the EXACT same thing. I watched Single White Female and maybe you should do. It is only a matter of time before she is cooking up a rabbit stew.

This drama unfolds everyday for all of our youth to decipher and display. We take sides and believe that we know what is best for people we don’t even know. The only thing I can’t figure out is why is there life constantly being shown? Some of it is over the top and some of it is made up. There is no way that there can be truth to any of it cuz I shudder to think that human beings can be so terrible.

I think there is a reason why we see Selena taking a rise to the top with everybody else falling away. Have you ever heard one of her speeches or seen her with her family and friends? She is probably one of the most genuine souls in Hollywood. It makes me sad that certain people feel it is ok to treat her this way. Just because she is famous. More famous than you? She works really hard and gives back to her fans always which is nothing like the things that they do.

Selena can sit back in the shadows and watch her best friend’s concert with her sister and know she is in the best place on Earth. Hailey shows up EVERYWHERE that Justin is just to make sure he can never talk to her. There is an air of control that comes from their relationship that almost makes me feel sad for Justin. Almost. Have you heard him speak, “The only reason why you are still around is because you are hot,” is what he was heard saying to his wife on a live.

Why did I talk about this because this Hollywood drama is the perfect example. Is the perfect example of what happens when a woman can’t let go and keep her mouth close trying to make every upcoming moment about her. This is the worst thing for us to be exposed to because we start manifesting the same thing. Is it ok for Justin and Hailey to be so toxic maybe it is ok if I stay in my relationship where I am always being talked down too.

We need to find a way to be accountable without stepping on anybody’s toes. There needs to be a way to authenticate our story without everybody having to know the in’s and outs and where everything needs to go. Why carry the burden of others indiscretions when you can find a way to release them and set them free? It is easy to say that you forgive somebody but becomes increasingly difficult when the whole world can see you.

It’s a difficult time we live in that’s for sure with those most vulnerable being the easiest manipulated being unsure what it is that they are to do. When it comes to kindness I am always hesitant waiting for those that are acting suspicious to lower down the boom. Once you have been through it all before you will swear to it never again. It becomes easiest to rest in the shadows then it does trying to be a good friend.


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