All the Lies

There are a certain type of people that are incapable of ever telling the truth. They will spin the tales always to be in their favour and the hell with anybody else. These people I keep at arms length but what happens when your life dynamics always keeps these people close? I think this is the inner turmoil I am forever dealing with as I want to break away so I can live my life somewhere else.

Imagine every little thing having a story tied to it, like the more wild the story appears the more believable it comes to be. I can’t handle those that are constantly trying to pull the wool over my eyes because I have waited far too long for me to finally be able to see.

There is a special type of person that tells stories about you so they can appear relevant. I look at the way that they look to see if they are inflated enough to be able to throw stones. They look for easy prey so nobody would care if they were ravaged. The more lonely a person appears the more valuable that they seem and they will do anything in their power just to reel you in.

What I love about lies is they can never be remembered, at least by the ones spinning the tales so I find peace in knowing that. Especially when it comes to the ones that are telling slanderous tales about you. They can never remember the most intimate details that is how you know what they are saying is a lie.

We lie for many reasons but some people lie because they have to it has become their lifeline. With so many years spent living their lives there is very little chance for one to ever hear the truth. I think I many have lived a little like this. Fabricating the truth in order to keep people close. Nobody liked to hear my story of abuse and trauma so I had to pretend I was happy or be forced to live this life alone.

That is my lie. Trying to forget about a past that has been so engrained in my brain. Allowing another person to determine whether or not I felt sane. To put so much trust and faith into one person to have it implode in front of my eyes. It takes everything inside of me to want to live another day instead of die.

The purpose of lies is to color a life that is not available to you and I am at a loss and a failure to understand the purpose of the behaviour and have always wondered why. Why tell a tale that in a few weeks you will not even remember? This is what is always so strange to me? Do people jot down every single lie or do they pray to the heavens that they will remember this time instead of letting it slip by?

Ever catch somebody in a lie and you are privy to watching their tongue wag? That is one of my favourite things to do once it is being done. It’s like baiting a fish. You remember the details of the conversation but because so many tales were being told they can remember no more. When this happens it is best to have an audience because nobody will believe you when you tell them you caught so and so off guard.

So why all the lies do they actually work? As we see in Hollywood some times they do but also again sometimes they don’t. We all have bared witness to another member of Hollywood being called out and getting put out on display. I think whenever the opportunity arises to put somebody in their place I think human instinct kicks in and that is what we do.

We want the world to know when we have been jaded because in our heart we believe we are being preventative. If they hurt us they will hurt you too and once that happens there will be nothing more for you to do. It almost becomes who gets to those ears first is the one to be believed because the second one who is coming is the monster for all eyes to see.

Good people want good things to happen in this world instead of making it unbearable for anybody to live through. Why be the reason why another being loses sleep when you can be the reason why they fall asleep happy? Lead by example instead of wanting to constantly being lead. The herd of cattle has no idea what they are doing and where they are going as they try to stamp out the hearts of their alter ego just so they can watch them bleed.

I am cautious because I have always been. I know what it felt like to be lied and cheated on and I was only 13. The guy that I dated was sleeping with his cousin anytime their families got together, how gross. This went on for months without me knowing, severing the friendship I had with her and kept me on edge with any of my other friends.

What people try to get away without telling you will always be found out in the end. Lies were never meant to carry on and gather up speed like some people wish they would. When I find out somebodies true intentions and behaviour then I put them on notice as I turn to leave.

I will never forgive certain people for the lies that they told just to get ahead. I think it is awful what some people think it is ok to get away tearing your heart out and leaving you on read. Once you experience this life you never want to go back. You will move Heaven and Hell water to do anything to prevent your family from having another attack.

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